Monday, July 9, 2012

6th edition and back to the Blog

So 6th edition is here and things have changed a lot.

I was in a bit of initial depression about the total nerf bat leveled on my webway dark eldar.... still stings.  But out of the ashes of despair I have risen up on the wings of the immortal Vect, and the rise of haywire.

Got my first games in with the edition and I have to say that with the amount of haywire attacks that dark eldar can get they can really clean up vehicles.

In 2 turns my 3 talos killed a landraider with ease, something that would only have been a pipedream in the last edition.  And with many units capable of carrying the grenades no vehicles are safe.  Not only will dark eldar grenade units rip vehicles apart on the charge but each can now toss a grenade at times too.  And so far I have been unable to find anything that keeps me from tossing said grenades at flyers as well... obviously needing 6's to hit.

So thats my initial thought to start.  Ill start posting up what Im toying around with in terms of lists... and they all involve Vect right now, and hopefully some battle reports soon, after I finish off 5th edition with a bang down at the ATC this weekend.

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