Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hard Boyz: Round 1 - Game 2

Well this is much belated but here is a quick run down of my second game at the first round of Hard Boyz. With round 2 coming up this weekend and a few hours finally free from work I thought Id post up these pics of one of the least expected tournament armies: Horde Marines.

Man that is a lot of marines. 101 to be exact. 1 Librarian. 10 Assault terminators all with thunderhammers. 10 regular Terminators 2 with missile launchers. 60 Tactical Marines only 1 squad had a powerfist. And 20 devastator marines. As you can see his deployment picture above it was a spearhead game. And he filled out most of his quarter. He combat squaded everything other then the 2 terminator squads. The assault terminators were in the right of the picture behind a thin screen of regular marines. The devastators were on the upper floors of the building with the ranged terminators on the bottom floor.In what was probably a poor decision I decided to fight infantry with infantry. In hindsight he didnt have an overwhelming amount of quality anti-tank fire, I was more scared of his volume of missile fire and it may have cost me some points.

Well I landed both units of sternguard on the right facing off against his assault terminators. A tactical squad landed to their left and above that landed Vulkan and another tactical squad. And in perhaps a bit of beautiful foresight... but more than anything some lucky mistake I landed the master of the forge and the last tactical squad high up in his deployment area.

The sternguard unloaded everything including the kitchen sink on the assault terminators and killed 7 of them. Shooting from everyone else killed maybe 7-10 other scattered marines. He ended up having to take 5 morale checks and wouldnt you know it the only squad to fail was the terminators. And here is where the fortuitous placement of that last pod came into play, because the terminators fled directly toward it and therefore were not able to regroup their next turn and so eventually fled their way off of the board.

Nothing really moved from this point in the game. It just became a few rolling assaults with marines unable to kill each other. Eventually his other terminator squad made it out of the building and assaulted my sternguard and were also cut down.

On turn 3 my two venerable dreadnoughts came in and helped finish off the terminators giving me the bulk of my victory points 860 between those 2 squads. And between a few half points earned from several killed combat squads I was able to eek out a minor victory... and was a measly 30 points shy of the major victory.

Now if you have been paying attention you may have noticed that I only described up until the 3rd turn. Thats not a misprint, we only played 3 turns, I didnt even get all my reserves in. Now this is where my decision to drop the sternguard in on turn 1 may have been a mistake. Not only are they worth more victory points for my opponent to earn, but they also have more ability on the drop to shoot units down, while the dreadnoughts could have earned me more points in assault.

The decision didnt cost me too badly, I ended round 2 in second place and was only a few points out of first. And when I tabled a chaos marine player in round 3 the day was mine.

I have a few shots of some practice games with my friend that I will try to post up soon as well, and my friend eric is coming with me to round 2 this weekend and hopefully with his help I will have a lot more pictures of those games then I did in round 1.

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