Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hard Boyz: Round 1

So I already posted my list... now lets get to the much belated battle reports.

In game 1 I was matched up against the Imperial Guard. He had 2 20 man combined units with commissars. A few heavy weapons teams. A few groups of veterans in chimeras. 2 Demolishers with plasma sponsons and an an Executioner with extra plamsa as well. He also had Creed and a unit of deepstriking stormtroopers, and a hell hound.

Game was 5 loot counters and a modified diagonal deployment. Here in this first picture you can see his set up. He had first turn. I deployed nothing as everything was in drop pods. He chose to simply sit pat and wait for my arrival, and sadly for him forgot to pop smoke on his vehicles.

Here you can see my turn 1 drops. With 9 pods total I get 5 of them on turn 1. I placed both units of sternguard in the upper right middle, with an Ironclad Dreadnought in between them. My two Venerable Dreadnoughts dropped in on the left to deal with the two Demolisher tanks on that side.
Here is a side shot showing my turn 1 carnage. I blew up a chimera and my heavy flamers said goodbye to the veterans inside. I also vaporized an auto cannon heavy weapons team and the executioner. My Ironclad only managed to stun the hell hound and the venerables only immobilized one of the demolishers. With one of the Dreadnoughts failing to hit with a re-rollable 2+.
As is the theme with many of my games... and especially with the truncated time table of playing 2500 pt games in 2 and a half hours it was about here that I forgot about my camera.

During his turn 2 he killed off several sternguard. Shook my Ironclad, and shook one of the venerables.

On my turn 2 I got all of my tactical marines in from reserve as well as Vulkan and the master of the forge who were accompanying two of the squads. With a little help from nearby stormbolters Vulkan and his boys flamed down a 20 man squad of guard in the center of the board. The master of the forge and his dual flamer squad did in another heavy weapons team as well as a platoon command squad. The venerable dreadnoughts split up in the hopes of nabbing both demolisher tanks... however one got hung up on some terrain while the other finished the job. The melta tactical squad came roaring in, in front of the hell hound and chimera in the upper left of the table, and failed to finish off their target. However assaulting sternguard vets with fists and krak grenades removed both tanks and had the embarked veterans spilling out onto the battle field. The Ironclad rumbled into combat with a melta packing command squad and ran the poor fools down. It was about this time that my opponent started telling me that he was in trouble.

On his turn 3 his lone demolisher failed to chase off the dreadnoughts but did pull away to try and save itself from assault. His veteran squad shot down my Ironclad, putting another crater into the already littered field. His stormtroopers arrived and thankfully did not crash to their deaths because of their re-roll to scatter, and then dropped a venerable dreadnought.

On my half of the turn my remaining Ironclad landed next to the nice tight pile of stormtroopers and with a twin linked heavy flamer made quick work of the offending drop troops. Vulkan and his company burned away some more guardsmen, and the master of the forge worked his way into assault with Creed. My other tactical combat squads began fanning out closer to the objectives to ensure I had at least 4 before the game ended, by either wipeout or the end of turn 6. My remaining venerable dreadnought stunned the poor demolisher. The jaws of the assault were closing on the guard and they did not have very many units left.

On turn 4 the guard player had a lone squad hiding in the top of the building and his chimera with vets to the left of that same building. The vets got out to shoot down the master of the forge and his retinue. And the squad up above tried to drum up some victory points for the overall day bonus, by shooting down some expensive sternguard.

The master of the forge split off on his lonesome to flame the veterans. Vulkan also jumped off on his own to finish the men in the building. The venerable dreadnought dropped the demolisher at last.

Turn 5 saw his remaining chimera take the last wound from the master of the forge, which would cost me a bonus point in the end as we tied for number of Hq's killed due to my reckless endangerment of the poor chap.

In what would be the last phase of the game my venerable dreadnought assaulted and finished off the chimera sealing the wipeout and 2500 victory points. A full massacre as I held all of the objectives and all but one of the bonus points.

Looking around at the other tables before lunch there was only one army that I truly did not want to play at all that day, an all foot space marine horde, but as irony would have it that would be my next opponent. Oh well better to grab him in the victory points scenario then in the kill points one.

Ill try to get that report up tomorrow. Maybe Ill do up some box drawings to at least fill in the spaces where I have no pictures, If I make some for this battle Ill update this post as well.

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