Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Why Sweeping Statements Shouldn't be made

So reading on the internet is something we all do. I surf from blog to blog reading about things I like from basketball to of course Warhammer... to my new hobby Warmachine. And sometimes we run across articles that we disagree with. On BOLS about a week ago, Fritz from WAY of Saim Hann or whatever his blog is called now, posted an article about a dreadnought list, and as Dreadnoughts are my chief interest and speciality I dove right in to reading his article.

Now he talks about walking Ironclad walls backed up by razorbacks, and it all seems pretty cool and kosher. I have an open mind to people using what they like and while I would not often just walk my dreadnoughts as I enjoy the pods, I do support that walking dreadnoughts are viable, and perhaps if two of his Ironclads were swapped for shooty dreads I think his list would be more solid.

But what really caught me was near the very end of the article where he says flat out that podding Dreadnought lists will fail. This is a pretty bold statement that I tend to think I refute every time I bring my army out. Now maybe he means that his exact list structure would fail if points were spent on drop pods, but the statement does seem quite sweeping. Especially coming from a player who goes on and on about how necrons and demon hunters can be viable it seems silly for Drop pods to be dismissed so handily. Well I wish I had been able to read all the comments on that article to see what the reaction was, but sadly... or perhaps not I dont see diquss comments or whatever system BOLS uses these days.

Now I enjoy Fritz's articles and many of his views on the game as a whole. Including his devotion to the eldar, who were my first army and though I feel they have gotten the shaft in 5th edition and miss the old 3rd edition days of running around with my Alaitoc codex. This certainly is not a call out against Fritz in anyway... just against the idea that drop pods are irrelevant and not worth it. I mean sure they have their inadequacies and their weaknesses, but thats just like anything else. Drop pods themselves work best in my opinion in dreadnought lists like mine and Fritz's because their main weakness... being killpoints is mitigated by the fact that they are still AV 12 vehicles and I find that many people are not going to waste the guns they have shooting drop pods... when they need those same guns to kill dreadnoughts. And all if your dreadnoughts have been swiftly dealt with leaving your opponent the luxury of killing your pods then you in all likelihood werent winning anyway.

Anyway for those of you looking for battle reports I have a few to post up from an event a few weeks ago. Been a little slack in 40k work since my friend and I started playing Warmachine 2 weeks ago. Even went to our first tournament this past weekend and fought each other for 2nd and 3rd in the last round which was fun. I bet the faction I chose can be guessed pretty easily, its the one based on fire.


  1. I for one know that dropping dreds does not fail. (tears)

  2. You'll see them again at Conflict Dan.