Friday, November 26, 2010

Brothers Grim Game 3: Eldar

So game 3 of the event was dawn of war set up. The game started with a single objective in the center of the board. On the start of turn 4 whoever controlled the objective would earn 1 point, and then the objective would split into 2 and scatter. The winner would be the person with the most objective points total at the end of the game. Secondary objectives included table quarters and killing one of the opposing hq's.

Angelo was my opponent with his blue eldar host, from what I remember it looked like this:
Farseer - guide something else probably
Autarch - fusion gun, jump pack
Warpspiders - 8
Guardians - scatter laser
Guardians Scatter Laser
5 Dire Avengers
10 Dire Avengers - wave serpent, scatter laser
6 Fire Dragons - Wave serpent, scatter laser
6 Fire Dragons - Wave Serpent, scatter laser
Fire Prism - holofields, shuriken cannon
Fire Prism - holofields, shuriken cannon
Falcon - holofields, missile launcher

My list you can find in the Brothers Grim Game 1.

Angelo won the roll to go first, and chose to go second.

I settled to have my walking dreads walk in on turn 1, along with my speeders. Everything else was either in regular reserve or in pods.

On Turn 1 I landed 2 empty pods and the dual flamer Ironclad in the middle, just in front of the objective, hoping to block him from being able to contest the middle point. In hindsight I could have dropped them slightly more forward.

Angelo had no turn 1 with everything in reserve... darn eldar.
On turn two 2 of my other Ironclads came in. I landed them off to one side around midfield behind their pods, and they popped smoke which is probably a waste but oh well.

My shooty dreads moved forward to hide behind the walls of the central structure. My scouts in their speeder also came on, and they along with the regular speeders hugged cover behind the pods.
On Angelo' s turn 2 he got one of his units of guardians in and they moved into cover on the left. One of his Fire Prisms came in centrally. One unit of Fire Dragons moved on in their waveserpent, as did the warp spiders with the Autarch in tow. Damage for him this turn was minimal, I believe he knocked a gun off of one of the intervening pods.
On my third turn my Rhino came in from the board edge. My scouts disembarked from their speeder, and it along with the regular speeders all jumped forward. My last Ironclad also landed this time on the left, in precaution should one of the objectives scatter this way next turn it would be in position to contest. The speeders opened up on the fire prisim, taking its main gun and immobilizing it. The shooty dreads wrecked the wave serpent but I didnt have any fire power to knock out the dragons.
On Angelo's turn 3 his other fire prism came in here with his other forces. While his other guardians moved in on the far right. With shooting he downed all of my regular speeders, and knocked the gun off of the scout speeder. His autarch on solo mission jumped behind the speeders in the movement phase and then assaulted my pods taking him just close enough to contest the objective. Not pictured here but youll see them set up in the next frame his other fire dragons and dire avengers also moved on.
We didnt read the rules too well for the mission and didnt find out until later that the objectives were supposed to scater on one dice in opposite directions 4d6 inches. So when we each rolled a scatter dice we ended up with objectives right next to each other. You can see the large red circle counter on the right, the second one is under the rhino.

On my turn 4 I ran the rhino over there to secure the objective, climbed my scouts back aboard their speeder. On the left I poured all my shooting into his new fire dragons' wave serpent, and only knocked of its gun. Things started to get stressful here so I began to forget my camera, Eldar are terribly repetitive to play against, and nearly all their lists function similarly and when you cant knock down their transports they begin to wear on your mind.

On his turn 4 his fire dragons moved up in their transport got out and wrecked my Ironclad. His fire prism shook one of the shooty dreads. His Autarch joined up with the spiders once more and hoped for a long range shot on one of my Ironclads. His other forces shuffled on, his Falcon with troops and farseer hugging the far left board edge and trying to sneak in on me.
On my turn 5 I shot his far left fire dragons down with a shooty dread and with the shaken one attempted to assault their serpent, but did no damage needing 6's to hit. I moved the scouts near the objective and got Vulkan and the master of the forge out of the rhino to move toward the mid back line as a defense. My Ironclads shuffled around with one moving out and assaulting the autarch. The autarch passed his invulnerable save but by splitting my attacks I killed one spider and the unit failed its ld 9 check and then rolled low enough for me to sweeping advance them.

On Angelo's turn 5 his fire dragons peppered my exposed Ironclad shown below blowing it sky high. His falcon continued up my right flank to prepare to contest my objectives. He also had a waveserpent in my backfield setup for contesting as well. His shooting downed the scouts speeder and the rhino as well.
On my turn 6 my dual flamer Ironclad finally got its moment. Moving forward it burned down the advancing Fire Dragons. The other Remaining Ironclad advanced on the falcon off screen to the right. One melta shot wrecked the speedy tank. In the backfield My shooty dreads poured shot into his waveserpent but as before could do nothing to stop it. Vulkan and the Master of the forge assaulted the behemoth and his relic blade cackling with energy Vulkan downed the machine.

On Angelo's 6th turn he was at a loss as to how his once sturdy tanks could suddenly be gone to such low odds destructions. His farseer guided itself and then threw a spear wrecking one of my Ironclads. He moved his dire avenger ladden waveserpent into range to contest one objective and hoped that the game would go on to a 7th turn. We rolled the dice and the game ended.

I eeked out a win on the primary objective. On table quarters we tied each having 2. I got the third objective for killing his hq.

In the end it was enough to get second place which was exciting. And more exciting because my friend Bob came in first and my friend eric in 3rd. Brothers Grim once again ran an exciting and fun filled event and I cant wait for their January tournament.

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