Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Brothers Grim Game 1: Battle Wagon Orks

Was at the Brother's Grim store on Long Island recently for a tournament. 1850pts 3 games of fun. If youre in the area of Ct, lower New York, or upper New Jersey I highly recommend the store and especially their well run tournaments that they host every other month.

Anyway game 1 was against Dan and his Battlewagon orks.
His List was 4 battlewagons, 3 with 20 man boy units with a powerklaw nob. A big nob unit with a mek with a Kustom force field. He had a second mek with a shokk attack gun, and 2 10 man loota units, and 2 large gretchin squads.

My list:
Vulkan - 190
Master of the forge - power weapon - 115
Tactical Squad - melta bomb, rhino - 130
Scout Squad - combi melta - 85
Ironclad Dreadnought - meltagun, heavy flamer, 2 HK missiles, drop pod - 200
Ironclad Dreadnought - meltagun, heavy flamer, 2 HK missiles, drop pod - 200
Ironclad Dreadnought - meltagun, heavy flamer, 2 HK missiles, drop pod - 200
Ironclad Dreadnought - heavy flamer, heavy flamer, 2 HK missiles, drop pod - 205
Dreadnought - assault cannon, twin linked auto cannon, drop pod - 160
Dreadnought - assault cannon, twin linked auto cannon, drop pod - 160
Land Speeder - multimelta, heavy flamer - 70
Land Speeder - multimelta, heavy flamer - 70
Land Speeder Storm - multimelta - 65

First mission was a spearhead deployment. With a mix of capture control and seize ground. That is we first placed 5 objectives like seize ground with a changed 8" closeness limit. And then during deployment each also placed a home base marker in our deployment zone. On turn 3 we would roll a dice for each objective and on a 5+ it was real and anything less it wasnt, aside from the base objectives which would remain real all game.

So I won the roll to go first and took first turn. You can see the pictured deployment here, for both armies. I also outflanked my scouts on foot, and had my marines riding in from reserves in their rhino with Vulkan and the master of the forge.
This graphic makes it a bit easier to tell what everthing was. Yes the battle wagons are tau devilfish. Each one also has a death rolla not mentioned above.
Here you can see as my forces start to move out on turn 1.
I landed my dual heavy flamer Ironclad behind a group of grots and lootas... 2 heavy flamers with rerolls later and a few grots are dead and so are 10 lootas. I landed pods and dreads on the edges of the battle wagon wall, with two intentions... 1 to destroy the things... which didnt happen and 2 to make them unable to pivot so they wouldnt be able to bring those terrible death rollas to bear. One of my other Ironclads with merely a single heavy flamer was only able to kill 9 lootas from the other squad, and no gretchin. My other shooting was largely ineffective against the high armor combined with the kustom force field.

On Dan's first turn his front line stayed together and pushed forward. The top most battle wagon rolled right through my nearby pod wrecking it. His back line wagon turned in the fresh space and aimed right for one of my Ironclads. I death or gloried with my melta gun and immobilized it, but took too many str 10 hits in return so lost that Dreadnought. His boyz piled out to assault the pod, and the nearby gretchin piled in to hide.
Only reserves I rolled on in my second turn were the scouts. They came in perfectly on the right side and lined up some shot gun shots to finish off the lone loota. My dual flamer dread killed off one of the squads of gretchin with the shokk attack gun mek as well.

My speeders shuffled for firing lanes. The scout speeder failed to do anything to the immobilized wagon.
One of my shooty dreadnoughts was able to get side shots on the big mek's middle wagon and exploded it.
Shooting from the Ironclad failed to do anything to the other battle wagon... but a speeder used its heavy flamer to immobilize it. 4 auto hits later in combat blew that one up too.
On dan's half of the second turn his remaining wagon lumbered towards my objectives, and his nobz walked out of their crater in that direction as well. His other boy units piled into the dreadnought and speeders. They wrecked one speeder and knocked both guns off the other, but the Ironclad was too much for them to hurt.
I bring this graphic in to show what happened to the state of objectives at the start of turn 3. We lost 3 of the 5 random ones. So were left with 2 roughly on his side mine deep in my corner and one more or less in the middle.
Vulkan, and the marines, as well as my last dreadnought and empty pods came in here. The dual flamer dreadnought blew away another group of orks. I had set up my other dreadnoughts to destroy the last battle wagon and then hopefully have vulkan and the master of the forge flame the contents.... however I forgot that plan halfway through the shooting phase and instead shot my fresh Ironclad at his nob unit nearby. My shooty dreads then failed to kill the wagon leaving vulkan and the master hanging. One dread assaulted it to lock its movement but still failed to damage it.
On his 3rd turn Dan rushed the battle wagon forward and then turned around for a next turn death rolla move, the boyz piled out to secure my objective. Then his nobz moved forward for a multi assault. They wrecked my rhino, stunned my speeder, and then... did nothing to Vulkan and the master of the forge. Thats right Vulkan passed 6 invulnerable saves on powerklaws and the big choppa guy could not hurt the master of the forge's 2+ save. Took a few wounds off of the nobs and they didnt break.
On my turn 4 The scouts finally broke that wagon open in the backfield and pods started taking storm bolter shots whittling down the gretchin. My other Ironclad joined into combat to wear out that boyz unit.

One shooty dread took shots at the wagon... doing nothing again, while the other set up and charged the boyz hoping to tie them down for a turn.

The other Ironclad joined into Vulkan's assault. Killed a few nobs, and Vulkan passed 2 more instant death saves, and the nobz broke, but strangely didnt get swept.
With good consolidation moves and the living of my other assaulting dreadnought I had once again blocked the pivoting of his battle wagon.
So turn 4 and Dan's nobz have to keep fleeing, his battle wagon moved forward to threaten the middle. His boyz beat my shooty dreadnougt down in the bottom left and consolidated to try and escape Vulkan and the Ironclad. More boyz died and were quickly closing in on losing their fearless in the top.
On my turn 5 Vulkan and the master of the forge burned down the 14 remaining orks, and the Ironclad wrecked his last battle wagon. Stormbolter fire proved too much for gretchin and we called the game as the last of his scoring units fled from my dreadnoughts and were cut down.

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