Thursday, November 25, 2010

Brothers Grim Game 2: Nurgle Chaos Marines

So after game 1 I found myself on the top table against Kevin and his mono-nurgle space marines.

Daemon Prince - nurgle, warptime
10 Plague marines - 2 melta, combimelta, powerfist, rhino
10 Plague marines - 2 plasma, combi plasma, powerfist, rhino
10 Plague marines - 2 flamers, combi plasma, powerfist, rhino
Dreadnought - missile launcher, dccw
Dreadnought - missile launcher, dccw
Vindicator - possessed
Vindicator - possessed

My list was the same as the last game.

And lo and behold the mission was kill points. TO score a victory on the main objective you had to not only win by 4 kill points but also 350 victory points. Secondary objectives were objectives in all 4 corners, and getting troops into your opposing deployment zone. Also to help with kill points each objective would be worth 1.

Well I figured this would be an uphill battle. With him starting with 8 less kill points then me, and after the rhinos his were all very tough.

Kevin won the roll to go first. And after some deliberation decided he would indeed go first. He deployed as so centrally bunkered up with rhino's on the flanks and walkers and princes intermingled.

I deployed just my shooty dreads behind a big line of sight blocking column.

On his first turn he moved things forward and fired some shots, but I made my cover saves.
On my turn 1 I landed 3 Ironclads far on the right flank. Mainly because I was afraid of his daemon prince, monstrous creatures, especially ones with invulnerable saves just plain chew through dreadnoughts. So they all fired missiles at his exposed dreadnought. 6 missiles one arm blown off... not exactly how I wanted things to start.

With most of his stuff at the extreme edge of my shooty dread's assault cannon range I decided to forgo a turn of maximum fire power for another turn of cover. So each dread only shuffled a little to get line of sight for their auto cannon while keeping cover from the column or the front most dreadnought. So first dreadnought shoots at his other dreadnought... hit pen, explode. Second one shoots at Defiler... hit, pen, wreck. Well that unexpected bought of efficiency made up for the Ironclads all whiffing.
On Kevin's second turn he moved forward and away from my Ironclads. 2 Rhino's popped smoke as did one vindicator which had moved 12". The other vidicator shot at my shooty dreads and scattered off wildly.
On my turn 2 I landed another Ironclad on the right to finish off the chaos dreadnought. My Rhino also moved in on that side. One speeder landed behind his rear vindicator and immobilized it.
My other speeder landed near his unsmoked rhino, and blew it up. My shooty dreads moved to get line of sight on the closing daemon prince. The first one did nothing. But the second one did 3 wounds! My other Ironclads all ran to try and close with the battle. My scouts which had also come in this turn hunkered down in a bunker.
On turn 3 kevin's infantry began to try and even the score. His plague marines at the top got out of the rhino to shoot and assault the speeder there. They blew off both its guns but it remained mobile. His other Marines advanced on my other speeder and scouts. They stunned the speeder but the scouts stayed strong.

The vindicators once again scattered wildly doing no damage. PLague marines with plasma fire were equally ineffective. The daemon prince was stranded in no man's land.

On my 3rd turn I moved the mobile speeder flat out to escape death. My Ironclads continued to plod forward. I shifted the dreadnoughts for clear shots on the daemon prince. This time the shooty dreads proved ineffective, doing nothing to the monster. I began to sweat knowing that he could easily eat my nearby dreadnought. So I took the last missile shots from my Ironclad and hoped they would do the deed, 1 hit, 1 wound, failed his cover save... phew.

In combat the plague marines wrecked the speeder, but in a strange twist the scouts killed 2 marines, winning combat, but fearless plague marines care not.

Kevin shifted some more on turn 4. Vindicators again failed... they did no damage all game. The northern plague marines got back in their rhino to prepare for a run.

In combat the plague marines easily routed the scouts.
On my turn 4 The dreadnoughts all advanced again. My finally arrived scout speeder wrecked the rhino in the north. Shooting also took down the rhino in my deployment zone. But the nearby Ironclads were just out of assault range of the contents.

Missed a picture for Kevin's 5th turn. His plague marines in the north moved and assaulted my scout speeder, but couldnt keep it from moving. His southern marines assaulted my nearby shooty dread, while the ones in the corner continued to hide.
On my 5th turn Vulkan and the master of the forge got out of the rhino to assault the plague marines, while the rhino went back to move the tactical marines. My scout speeder moved to a safe location while the Ironclads all circled around the vindicators. Shooting from an assault cannon wrecked one vindicator.
All the Ironclads assaulted the other vindicator wrecking it.

Vulkan and the master of the forge took down some plague marines.
Kevin pulled his plague marines back further on his turn 6. In assault his marine's powerfist finished off my dreadnought. But Vulkan and the master of the forge killed a few more marines.
On my turn 6 I shuffled closer to his marines with my Ironclads. My rhino sped into his deployment zone and the marines deployed and ran onto the objective there. Shooting killed a few plague marines but being fearless it ultimately did nothing.

In assault Vulkan swung and only killed 2 of the 3 remaining marines so he lined up his powerfist to kill the hero. But as last game Vulkan proved impervious to powerfists and passed his invulnerable save. He failed two fearless armor saves and I held my breath hoping for a failed feel no pain... but he passed both of those keeping his lead on the tertiary objective.
So I won the kill points and victory points objective. And my one squad on the far objective won that secondary mission. But him having 2 units of troops in my deployment zone gave him the win on that third objective, had the plague marine died it would have meant a tie. So I got 17 points in this round to go with my 23 from round 1. And that put me into 3rd place heading into round 3. With an eldar opponent.

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