Wednesday, November 17, 2010

1850 Marines vs. Chaos

So finally got my camera back a few weeks ago. But took a lot of time to find the cord to plug it in. Anyway this report involves my Salamanders as usual against Matt's Chaos Space Marines.

My List was as follows:
Master of the forge
Tactical Squad powerist, combi flamer in rhino - 160
Scout Squad with dual combi melta - 95
Scout Squad with dual combi melta - 95
Dreadnought with assault cannon, auto cannon, pod - 160
Dreadnought with assault cannon, auto cannon, pod - 160
Dreadnought with auto cannon, auto cannon, pod - 160
Ironclad - melta, flamer, 2 missiles, pod - 200
Ironclad - melta, flamer, 2 missiles, pod - 200
Ironclad - melta, flamer, 2 missiles, pod - 200
Land Speeder Storm - multimelta - 65
Land Speeder Storm - multimelta - 65

Matt was using if I remember correctly:
Daemon Prince - wings warptime, tzeentch, breath
Daemon Prince - wings, slaneesh, lash
7-8 Plague Marines - rhino, fist, 2 melta guns, icon
7-8 Plague Marines - rhino, fist, 2 melta guns, icon
9 Khorne Bezerkers - rhino, fist, 2 plasma pistols, icon
10 Chaos Marines - rhino, fist, 2 melta guns, icon
3 Terminators - combiplasmas, heavy flamer, 1 chainfist
2 Obliterators
2 Obliterators

At 1850pts we were practicing for one of the regular tournament venues we attend around these parts, The Brothers Grim on Long Island. The mission was 5 objectives, with pitched battle deployment. I won the roll to go first.

Here you can see the setups. I have my 3 long ranged Dreadnoughts set up to fire away first turn. I also have the rhino with tactical marines and both my hq's set up behind cover. The two green rhinos to the left are plague marines along with one daemon prince. While on the right is the other daemon prince along with the bezerkers in the red rhino, and the regular evil marines in the other green one. The obliterators and terminators were set to deepstrike in, as were the rest of my pods, while my speeders were set up to outflank.
Seeing how many meltas Matt has, as well as how good daemon princes are shredding through dreadnoughts I decided to drop all my empty pods turn 1. I landed them all on or near the objective that was in the top left corner of the board.

Then I moved the dreadnoughts slightly closer to matt to make sure their assault cannons had range on the princes, but hopefully wouldnt face a counter charge quite yet. Usually I try to knock out opponents troop mobility first, especially in objective games, but the fast moving daemon princes are too good at killing dreadnoughts I had to knock them out early. I did a wound to each here.
On Matt'es first turn I relearned exactly how far troops in rhino's can go if they really want to melt your face with melta. While one group of plague marines and a daemon prince moved to knock off the pods contesting his closest objective the other group moved, turned, and got out of the rhino right in healthy melta range of one of my dreadnoughts. On the other side the bezerkers and daemon prince moved to threaten the midfield objective, while the regular marines didnt move quite so far, all his vehicles popped smoke.

In the shooting phase the far moving plague marines opened up on my dreadnought... and rolled 1's. The reserve party wrecked a pod, and the daemon prince assaulted one of the others blowing it up.
On my turn 2 I got two of my Ironclads and one of the scout/speeders in from reserve. I landed both dreadnoughts near his melta team of regular marines, and sped the speeder in from that side to jam his icon.

My other dreadnoughts shuffled around to attempt to kill the daemon prince on the right side. It took all three shooty dreads, as well as the missiles and melta on one of the Ironclads to finally drop the beast.
The other Ironclad easily rent the rhino open.
On Matt's turn 2 his bezerkers shifted slightly. His plague marines got back into their rhino and then slid forward to continue their attempts to take down the nearby dreadnought. His other plague marines moved forward as well. While his daemon prince took care of the other empty pod.

Once again his melta's failed him. The ones arrayed against the Ironclads missed. While the plague marines hit this time, they only managed only to knock off one of its guns.
On turn 3 the rest of my reserves arrived. I dropped the Ironclad into the center to deal with the Bezerkers, while the speeder soared in to offer deepstrike defense to my advancing rhino.

I wrecked 2 rhinos with shooting, and then my movable Ironclads charged into the regular marines after flaming them and destroyed the group.
Turn 3 saw the arrival of the rest of Matt's reserves. One group of obliterators landed near the middle to make use of the plague marines' icon, and the other landed near the bottom to use the same icon but threaten my shooty dreads. His terminators landed slightly off screen to the left after a bad scatter to shoot plasma into my rhino.

The bezerkers used plasma pistols to wreck one of my landspeeders, and I thought myself clever in deploying the scouts behind its long body out of assault range... until his lash daemon prince pulled them right across the wreck and to their dooms against the chain axes.

The oblits were less useful, managing to blow a gun arm off a shooty dread and nothing else. The plague marines once again failed major damage on my dreadnought and chose to assault it. The terminators plasma failed to stop the rhino.
On my 4th turn I shifted my shooty dreads to draw beads on the daemon prince and took him down. My Ironclads begain the long trek towards his positions, and my other one assaulted the Bezerkers killing several.

My tactical marines and heroes got out of the rhino and sent it forward to pick up the scouts, whose speeder went off to offer fire support. I meant for vulkan to epically kill off some terminators with his relic blade... but mass flamers proved too much for them to whether.

On matt's turn 4 his mobile plague marines moved back to the top left objective. His lower obliterators destroyed one of my shooty dreads, while the other obliterators hoped to slow my contesting ability but failed to wreck my speeder. Some more bezerkes died to my Ironclad, and the plague marines continued to fail to kill my dreadnought.
On my turn 5 my two free Ironclads continued to advance towards the far objective. My tactical marines hunkered down in cover to avoid plasma cannon fire. My speeder flew off to block the advance of the plague marines. My other shooty dread simply jumped into combat to hold the plague marines up some more.

On turn 5 matt was playing hard for the tie. His obliterators poured into assault with my dreadnoughts but wrecked only one leaving the plague marines trapped a few inches away from an objective. HIs other plague marines got out and assaulted my speeder... but didnt wreck it. So were left at the very edge of holding that objective, but the speeder still contested it.
We ended the game here because with another turn my Ironclads would have reached his plague marines, so even if the obliterators had freed the other squad he would still only hold 1 objective to my 2.

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