Sunday, November 21, 2010

Here are some pictures

So I dont have a great camera... or a very steady hand.

Nor do I know how to take very good quality pictures. Someone suggested a white background and playing with the flash features so here are some attempts at some close ups.

Theyre blurry and dark... or too bright.

First as requested I have one of my dual combi-melta Scout Sergeants. Its the scouts squat little bolt pistol with an inferno pistol tip wedged under the muzzle. With the same thing done on a regular bolter in his left hand.

And here is my Vulkan model. I made him before GW made there sculpt. He has terminator legs with a regular marine torso and head. He has terminator arms and the snazzy forgeworld shoulder pads.His Giant axe and gauntlet clad hands are from the Black Orc box of the fantasy range. It was a double headed axe, I flipped one end over on top of it again to create the giant halberd. The bottom of the haft is from a thunderhammer.
His cloak and the flames are all green stuff.
And here are my Ironclads. I think they are my favorite units in the book right now. They are so tough to kill and can get kitted out to be bristling with weapons from flamers to meltas and hunter killer missiles on top.

I didnt think that GW's idea for a seismic hammer was quite... destructive enough. SO I added a wrecking ball to every one from the goblin fanatic's box.
Well back to battle reports after this. Got a few to make up from the weekend.

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