Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Good Game With a Good Friend

So in the final pairing of the Conflict GT my friend Bob and I found ourselves matched up. Now not wanting to go into the vast amount of unfairness this involved(considering there was a team aspect of the tournament as well), we ended up having a really good game.

Bob was playing his ork list that can be found on his blog: He had a unit of nob bikerz, 3 large boy mobz, 2 small loota units, and 2 defcoptas, and snikrot with some kommandos.

I was using my Salamander drop pods plus landraider. With Vulkan, a large unit of sternguard, 2 dreadnoughts, and 3 tactical squads, 2 in drop pods and one in a landraider.

The mission was 5 objectives, with wonky rules where they would scatter after we deployed them. The deployment choice was spearhead, which bob doesn't particulary like because it squeezes his large horde into a corner. Being a mainly drop pod army I rather enjoy spearhead. These red circles were the objectives. The top middle circle over thin air was Bob's asprin bottle, which along with the super glue he kept picking up accidentily and after several minutes one of us would realize the objectives were missing and have to replace them.

This next picture shows Bob's deployment. He put two mobs front and center along with his defcoptas. The nobz are hiding back behind the building that the lootas are in, and using the table edges as a deterent to my sternguard dropping in. He kept the choppa boyz and snikrot in reserve. I should have been a lot more frequent with my pictures, but Ill be better next time. Not shown here is the landraider which I deployed with its tactical squad and Vulkan inside. I figured that the orks had very little ability to kill the landraider at range, otherwise I ussually keep it in resere to wait for my drop podding units.

Bob scouted his deffcoptas, one went down screen between the building and the trees just below where the dreadnoughts are shown here, the other went up to behind the gas cannisters at the top right of the frame. They along with the shoota boyz fired rockits at my Landraider. They didnt do anything and it was my turn.

Since the nobz were safely hidden away I chose to bring in my 2 dreadnoughts and a tactical squad on my first turn. You can see their placement here. They targeted and killed the deffcoptas. And the landraider moved forward to threaten the middle of the field. Ussually i try to drop my sternguard in and eliminate the opponents biggest threat, but Bob carefully kept them out of the way.
On turn 2 Bob's choppa boyz came in in the top right to assault and kill a combat squad half of my tactical squad. His boyz mobs moved up through the middle, one moving half its number into the building and rubble in the bottom left, the other assaulted my landraider. Needing 6's to hit the one powerclaw didnt harm the tank. The loota's opened fire on the drop pods hoping to open up clearer shots on the dreadnoughts. One pod was destroyed.

On my half of the turn, my reserve rolls failed me. My remaining 5 marines in the top ran through the cover fearing the boyz mob that had obliterated their friends. The Dreadnoughts had a rough time trying to move through the rubble of the building. Vulkan and the tactical squad got out of the Landraider to flame the boyz squad to the left while the Landraider itself lined up a shot on the squad that had assaulted it with its rather large flamestorm cannon. A lot of boyz burned, but in hindsight it was perhaps a premature moment to be getting out of the safety of the landraider.

This pitcute below shows what was left of the 60 boyz during bob's 3rd turn. The small squad to the left fled a bit, while the other squad moved to assault Vulkan and his retinue. His lootas immobilized one of my dreadnoughts, and then the scary Strength 5 twinlinked shots from his bikerz cut into my tactical marines. The rubble in the top right(not pictured) was as much a deterent to the orks as it had been to my tactical marines and the 5 men were safe from assault for now. In assault all the remaining marines of my tactical squad were cut down around Vulkan, who stood firm, but was also wounded once.
In assault all the remaining marines of my tactical squad were cut down around Vulkan, who stood firm, but was also wounded once. And the orks unhappy about being out of range of my other tactical marines assaulted and blew up the drop pod.
This picture shows my position after my turn 3 and also the begining of Bob's 4th turn. During my 3rd turn I moved the landraider back to pick up the scared tactical squad. My other tactical squad also showd up from reserves. The sternguard once again failed their reserve roll, which was still bothering bob as it kept him from commiting his bikerz fully to the battle. The still mobile dreadnought assaulted and finished off the boyz mob that had lost its nob, while Vulkan failed 2 2+ armor saves and promptly died.

In Bob's 4th turn his kommandos showed up on the bottom of the screen and advanced in true orky spacing, his bikerz once again pulled back, and his victorious ork mob, though depleted assaulted the dreadnought.

Here is once again where my picture taking failed to keep record, as the game got into its very intense final turns. Finnally on turn 4 my sternguard arrived. I decided that they needed to kill the boyz mob in the top right rather than risking everything against the nobz. They landed and flamed the whole mob away. The landraider once again advanced up the middle. While the tactical squad in the south split off and ran away from the kommandos and headed towards objectives.
Turn 5 saw the bikers spreading out to claim the two objectives on the left of the picture(see first pic Im too lazy to repost it). While the warboss himself circled in the other direction to threaten the top objective. The Kommandos assautled a dop pod.

In my turn the sternguard raced down to help the tac squad against snikrot. With shooting and assault it left a few tactical marines locked with snikrot. The dreadnought finnally succumbed to the nobz powerclaw.
In turn six the warboss got into 3" and successfully contested the top middle objective. The ork boyz relieved the nobs in claiming the bottom left objective. The nobz strung out to try and get into range of the middle objective but were short. They again used their devilish guns to blaze down 4 out of the 5 marines I had held that objective with. Snikrot killed a marine or two but held strong himself.

In my half of the turn I tankshocked the boyz off of their objective and then purged them with the flamestorm cannon, as well as the flamer from the long immobilised dreadnought. My long tactical marine made a mad dash for the bottom middle objective and with a great run roll made it, the sternguard slayed snikrot and those tactical marines made a good enough consolidate move to get in range of the same objective. So along with the bottom right objective I managed to win 2 - 1 in objectives.

Bob and I had a great time. It was sad to have to play one of my friends and teamates in the last game of a tournament but I dont think I could have had a better opponent to finish off the weekend with.

Hopefully Ill get better with this picture taking process and not forget about my camera during the most important parts of the game.

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  1. Nice write up and great pictures. I tend to forget the camera late in the game myself. I'll remember to take photos of deployment and maybe the first turn or two and then will get totally involved and forget it for the rest of the game