Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April 24th- brothers Grim Tournament

Man i havent posted in a long time. This blog thing takes a lot more dedication then I thought.

Anyway. I managed to steal(borrow) my little brother's camera for good for a while. So maybe I can get about making some better, and hopefully more consistent posts.

Right now Im working on painting up the new venerable Dreadnought Kit, and working on a list incorporating 2 of the suckers. Ill try to get some work in progress picks on the newest member of my Dreadnought horde... I have around 12 or 13 in various states of completion/collection of dust.

Ussually when it comes to Dreadnoughts I stick to regular ones, or Ironclads, and consider the Venerables far too expensive to be competative. However in honor of the model and in a decision to give them a whirl, Im taking my venerable(oldest dreadnougt), as well as the new venerable kit out for a spin. Along with several of their friends.

So here follows a list Im seriously considering for a tournament(that you can gather from the title) at the end of this month. Its gone through several steps in my head before finnally hitting print in this form. Hopefully it has enough of everything to deal with anything. I think it is pretty balanced but leans more towards dealing with light mech spam and marines.

The last time I went to the Brother's Grim(great store by the way if youre on long island) I played 2 marine players and an eldar player, mainly mechanized, and the winner was mech IG. So I like the archer dreads to deal with transports. And the plasma cannons, which I have not used in ages, I like to knock out clumps of power armored or termiator armored marines. Plus the ap 2 will help with any feel no pain shenanigans from the new Blood angels, as well as the tyranids and orks.

1850- Marines

Lysander – 200

Master of the forge – conversion beam – 120

Venerable Dreadnought – heavy flamer, extra armor, drop pod - 225

Venerable Dreadnought – heavy flamer, extra armor, drop pod – 225

Ironclad Dreadnought – heavy flamer, drop pod – 180

Tactical Squad – flamer, power weapon, drop pod – 220

Tactical Squad – melta gun, plasma cannon, powerfist, rhino – 240

Dreadnought – twin linked lascannon, missile launcher – 145

Dreadnought – twin linked lascannon, missile launcher - 145

Dreadnought – plasma cannon, drop pod - 150

Obviously the list also hopes that people will have a hard time dealing with 6 dreadnoughts. The three at the bottom will deploy and walk most likely. The pod was simply included to buff the total to 5. Along with the master of the forge and the combat squad toting the plasma cannon. The other half of that squad will mount its rhino and advance along with the dreads.

The other 3 dreads, the vens and the ironclad, will likely be the first turn drop. As the tactical marines will want to be off board as much as possible to preserve their scorng ability. This however does limit Lysanders ability to affect the battle, so perhaps his points would be best used elsewhere. However when they do land he gives the squad the ability to torch an infantry unit more effectively with mass bolter fire, and a huge boost to their close combat ability in a countercharge scenario. Also his stubborn rule is a nice touch for a light troops army.

Hopefully the sneaky ammount of effective shooting, with the archer dreads and the BS5 venerables, I can cut down on the enemy's mobility and push toward victory. Heavy melta armies will be a problem, as will massive horde based armies as the dreads can easily get bogged down in combat. So either of those opponents will require some more decisions at deployment and may lead to Lysander and his retinue landing earlier in the match.

I will update this army if any last minute changes arise, and am at this moment commited to trying to take as many pictures as possible at this next event for a good set of battle reports.

As always any comments, criticisms, and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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