Saturday, April 17, 2010

Battle Standard Tournament 1500pts: Game 1

I was running 5 Multimelta Dreadnoughts, 3 upgraded with heavy flamers, all in drop pods. 2 Tactical Squads with flamers, and combiflamers, a powerfist and a Multimelta in Drop pods as well, one accompionied by Vulkan and the other by the Master of the Forge.

Game 1 was against a Tyranid player named Steve. He was using the Swarmlord, as well as a Flying Hive Tyrant. A Tervigon and the obligatory termagaunt squad, and 2 Carnifexs in pods and the Doom of Malantai in a pod as well.

The tournament was run using the Combat Patrol missions from Adepticon. They were fun and worked pretty well. There were a few of the bonus points that might have been worth changing for the higher points level(combat patrol is 400pts).

But Mission 1 was a pitched battle deployment. The Primary Objective was to have a scoring unit in the opponents deployment zone, and the Secondary Objetive was kill-points.

Steve had first turn. He deployed the swarmlord and his small unit of termagaunts on my left, and the Flyrant on my right. His Tervigon outflanked, and the rest of his army was in its pods. During his first turn they all moved up near the middle of the table.

In this picture of the start of turn 2 you can also see my turn 1 drop. I plopped 4 Dreadnoughts down around the Swarmlord, and even with twinlinked shots I only managed 2 wounds.

During his turn 2, thanks to the hive tyrant powers he got all of his reserves in a 2+. His Carnifexes landed in the rear arcs of 2 of my Dreadnoughts. The Doom landed far to the right off the screen. And out the screen to the left the Tervigon walked in. His Carnifexes each took down a dreadnought, and the Swarmlord tackled one in close combat.

During my second turn only Vulkan and his tactical squad came in from reserves. They toasted the termagaunt squad hiding in the trees, leaving only 1 alive, and made sure to hide behind their drop pod to keep themselves safe from the Swarmlord.

Turn 3 Steve spawned some termagaunts with his tervigon. The swarmlord used leech essence against my marines, but cover saves kept me safe. The lone termagaunt suicided into Vulkan. And his combat squad consolidated towards the Tervigon.

On my turn 3 Vulkan and his boys moved towards the tervigon, and the other half fled to where you can see them at the top of this picture. While my one remaining dread moved to threaten the swarmlord. Once again my other reserveshad failed to come in. The dreadnought failed his shooting rolls again, but Vulkan and the powerfist did 6 wounds to the Tervigon slaying it in one round of combat. They tried to consolidate out of the carnifex's range, but they would prove to not move far enough. This picture below shows the close of turn 3 after the consolidation moves.
This picture also taken at the end of turn 3 shows just how far out of the battle the other hive tyrant as well as the doom of malantai and carnifex were after the beginning of the game.
Turn 4 saw Vulkan assaulted and killed by the carnifex, along with all of his remaining marines, but they managed to put 3 wounds on the carnifex. The swarmlord once again proved too much for my dreadnoughts.

The master of the forge finally came in on my half of turn 4. I dropped him and his squad in my lower left corner to remove his scoring termagaunt squad. The Masters plasma cutter also finished of the wounded carnifex. My scoring squad moved further into his deployment zone, trying to hide in the furthest corner.

Turn 5 was largely unimportant. Steve killed 2 drop pods with his frustrated monstrous creatures who had been missing out on the fight for much of the game. My guys moved around a bit. I hoped for the game to end, and when Steve's dice came up with a 1 it did. Another turn would have been fine, but if it had been unlucky enough to go to 7 I might have been in a little trouble with the flyrant and the Swarmlord coming to corner me.

So I won the primary objective, but Steve by slaying my dreadnoughts and drop pods was way ahead in kill points, so he took the secondary objective. A few bonus points later I had 17 points
and Steve had 11. This put me in the high middle of scores for the first round. Stay tuned for rounds 2 and 3. Im still working on trying to take more frequent pictures.... hopefully next weekend I'll be better.

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