Tuesday, April 13, 2010

1850pts: Brothers Grim List vs Lord Victor's IG

So I wanted to get a test run in with the list I have been considering for the Brother's Grim Tournament in a few weeks. And no better opponent is there to hash out a list with than our club President Lord Victor(aka Eric). Eric was kind enough to runhis Imperial Guard army, and tried to simulate as best as he could remember the top army that he in fact lost to at the last Brothers Grim event we went to.

I used the list that I posted recently, and he had an Ig list with 2 all plansma executioner leman russes, Creed and Kell, several chimeras, one with veterans and 2 with command squads. A couple infantry platoon squads, and heavy weapons teams, as well as a psyker battle squad.

We played capture and control, spearhead deployment. Most people don't like the mission as it is prone to ties. With my drop pod armies however I rather enjoy playing it. I won the roll to go first and took it. I deployed a half squad with plasma cannon in the building at the bottom of the screen with the master of the forge, the objective was placed righ in front of the building. Also deployed the other half of that tactical squad in their rhino in the center, and placed my two archer dreadnoughts as well as the plasma cannon dreadnought behind the rhino.

This picture shows the battle after my pods have come down on turn one. And my rhino has moved up and popped smoke.

Here you can see a closer view of Eric's deployment zone. His objective is up in the building at the right of the screen.
Turn one saw me land both an Ironclad Dreadnought and a Venerable one, as well as Lysander and his tactical Squad back up. Eric's mystics failed to have much effect other than letting him destroy one of the drop pods. My shooting removed all but one member of his lascannon team, as well as an autocannon heavy weapons team. Also managed to blow a weaponoff of the psyker battle squads chimera in the back center, and on the far right wrech a command squads chimera and pin that squad.
Eric's Turn 1 was far less fruitfull. He rolled very well with his scatter dice, but not much else. A marine or two died in Lysander's squad. But other than that the luck was with my cover save rolls and the marine vehicles were tough to stop.
Turn 2 for the Salamanders saw both my empty drop pod and my other venerable Dreadnought come in from reserves even with the blocking powers by the master of the fleet. The rhino moved up some more, and the Ironclad and Lysander moved up to assault the infantry platoon and command squads simultaneously. The Venerablle dreadnought was left hangning high and dry from assaulting Creed's squad when eric pulled a key casualty. And the newly arrived Venerable rolled a 4 for armor penetration... on 2 dice combined. The other shooting from the midfield dreadnoughts was largely ineffective. Lysander and company mopped the floor with the squads they assaulted and consolidated into and below the objective building... but didnt quite sapce out enough.
Ig turn 2 saw the arrival of both his outflanking veteran squad as well as Harker. Now my poor and lazy consolidation move by Lysander would bite me. While the veterans outflanked on the edge near my objective, Harker moved against my thoughts and landed right next to the tightly packed marines who were just out of cover in Eric's deployment zone. One carefully placed demo charge later... and boom there go 6 marines. Psychic battle squad weakens my resovle and suddenly Lysander and crew are fleeing away, and do so for much of the rest of the game due to being out of coherency. eric also manages to imobilize and shake my venerable dreadnought in the top of the board, and immobilize the rhino.
My stormbolters make work of that pest harker, while the Ironclad moves forward to clear more of Eric's troops away so that they cant reclaim his objective, now that I lost my main threat to claim it myself. Most of the rest of my army shoots at his veterans chimera, and does absolutely nothing. My still mobile Venerable assaults his exterminator and destroys it.
The end of turn 3 and start of four saw Eric's chimera move forward only to be blasted away by the defending dreadnoughts. And Lysander and company finally managed to regroup near the edge of the table. The venerable enacted sweet carnage upon Creed and Kell, while the Ironclad brought sweet revenge to the offending psyker battle squad. That unit is very very nasty in the guard army, and I will have to be much more careful in my future dealings with it.

All in all the list worked pretty well. I dont see it being likely that I will get another test in with it before the tournament, but I will try.

A friend surprised me by telling me about a very close local tournament at a newer store up in Connecticut and so I will be attending that this weekend. Its at the refreshingly low 1500pt total which I havent been playing very much of lately, but sadly that means that I wont get to use the event as a way to test this list out more. But hopefully I will have a few battle reports up from that event this weekend. Shamefully I have plans to use several fully unpainted models in the list I'll be using so they wont be quite as pretty pictures... but maybe Ill find ways to get those models killed off between frames.

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