Wednesday, December 23, 2009

So I promised a little step by step on the Space wolves and so here it is. All the models were spray painted black. Then the entire model was painted with a 50/50 mx of chaos black and shadow grey. Then as you can see here the armor was all painted in shadow grey, making sure to leave the recesses showing the darker under coat.
Next I did some of the detail work with boltgun metal, on both the gun and sword as well as the chest and mouth piece(which you'll see better in some of the later pics).
I used dwarf bronze for some of the chains and ornaments on the armor. Also the shoulder pads were added once the boltgun work was done. The trim was done again in shadow grey.
Vomit brown then forms the base for the shoulder pads. Because yellow is nearly impossible to paint over any color.... much more so with black.
And here you can faintly see the first layering of golden yellow over the brown. I found it worked better to water down the yellow and simply layer it over the shoulder over and over again. In fact every time I got the yellow out to do the next member of the squad I would add another layer of yellow to all the marines I had already done.
Here the model is nearly done. The armor has now received a n edge highlight of a 50/50 mix of shadow gray and spacewolves gray. The tooths were a simple bleached bone. Also you'll notice the yellow has begun to get brighter after a few more layers.Well I hope you enjoyed this little run through. As you can see Ive been experimenting with some picture taking and so hopefully most of my posts from this point on will include some visuals.

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