Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Trolls of Khorne!!!! errr I mean Tzeentch.

This is my first forray into the game of Warhammer Fantasy battles. I havent even played a game yet. But Ive been reading the rules, and I put together this list combining some models my brother had from a 40k chaos army, and some rudimentary conversions as well(my trolls are greenstuff enlarged old khorne bezerkers). Im going to get my first small intro game at the end of the week and hopefully from there work in some larger games and tweek the formation of this list as we approach February when Ill be taking part in our club's Bloody Valentive Tournament.


Daemon Prince - Lv. 4 wizard, mark of tzeentch, tendrils of tzeentch, Fury of the blood god -555

Throgg the Troll King - 175

Sorcerer - Lv. 2 wizard, mark of tzeentch, barded steed, infernal puppet, conjoined homoculous - 211

Sorcerer - Lv. 2 wizard, mark of tzeentch, barded steed, power familiar, dispel scroll - 206

3 Trolls - 135

3 Trolls - 135

3 Trolls - 135

7 Trolls - 315

5 Warhounds - 30

5 Warhounds - 30

5 Chaos Knights -full command, mark of tzeentch, blasted standard - 310

Im planning to hide the small troll units behind warhound screens to advance. Throgg will march with the large troll block down the center of the field to draw the enemies' eyes. If they fire on the unit then liely it will get some eye of the gods rolls and beef up even more before it hits. I wanna test out this block idea and see how it goes. i will also test the list with all the troll units at a uniform 4.

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