Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Conflict Grand Tournament January 2010

So I just finalized my entry into the Conflict Gt. Will be taking over for Matt from who is unable to make it. Two other members of the Ordo Ineptus will also be in attendence, Bob and Lord Victor who's blogs are linked in my profile.

It is a 1750 point tournament and I will be using my Salamanders(or Shadow dragons) Space marines. Because its a tournament and I dont need to be nice to people that means that almost all the toys I enjoy taking will be in my list. This includes Vulkan and a large unit of sternguard in a drop pod. I dont have quite enough points to slip my other favorite the Ironclad drednoughts into the list, but oh well regular ones will have to do the job.


Vulkan - 190

Sternguard - 6 combimeltas, 2 combiflamers, 2 heavy flamers, powerfist, drop pod- 370

Drednought -assault cannon, heavy flamer - drop pod - 160

Drednought - drop pod, heavy flamer- 150

Tactical Squad - flamer, multimelta, powerfist, drop pod - 230

Tactical Squad - melta, multimelta, combimelta, melta bombs, drop pod - 225

Tactical Squad - (8 men) powerfist, combiflamer - 173

Land Raider Redeemer - multimelta - 250

Its a heavy drop pod list with 5 pods. I hope to get second turn in order to hopefully get my opponent to deploy. Putting a whole army in reserve is a common tactic that people seem to think defeats the major threat of drop pod armies. But really it means that for the most part Ive forced you to play a style that doesnt work well for your army(unless of course youre a fast army that plays from reserves against most foes).

I dont deploy anything on the board no matter if I am going first or second. Even the Landraider and its tactical squad passengers gets placed into reserve. Vulkan rides with the sternguard to maximize their ability to desroy targets. The squad will split upon entry and target multiple heavy units of the enemy. The dreds are also part of this first turn alpha strike.

The tactical marines all get to arrive after some portion of the action has already taken place and the direction of the battle is more clearly developing. This lets me choose where they will be most helpful in either a fire support role or simply to grab objectives. The Ladnraider bound squad basically ensures that the objective closest to my table edge is mine to control. Because of the Redeemers overwhelming fire ability at close range it will be hard for any sort of unit to claim that objective from my tactical squad, which will not even have to get out of the Landraider to fulfill its main job.

I used a variation of this list at a recent larger tournament(2000pts) and it performed very well for me. Had I not made some errors in addition or over thought my final game I could have placed nearly at the top of the field. So I am fairly confident heading into this next event. As always hopefully the dice will be with me that day and I can draw some favorable match ups. Luck has a lot to do with how you do in the games.

Any thoughts, criticisms of the list are always welcome. Ill update any changes I make as the event date approaches(lists are due Jan 1st) and will try to get some pictures and battle reports up after the event itself.

edit-weapons change on dred, replaced combimeltas on sternguard, and removed powerfist on one tactical squad-Lord Victor was right I was getting away from some of my standard stuff


  1. Can you explain your logic on having the dread with the assault cannon as opposed to one with the MM and heavy Flamer? I feel the loss of those two weapons buffed by vulkan is pretty heavy.

  2. There is actually a twofold answer to that question.

    The first answer has to do with the modelling painting score at this tournament. I have a pretty dred with a dead carnifex at its base that would look nice and helps with my painting score. The MM dreds are from assault on black reach mainly, I do have another MM/Hf dred I could sub in but I felt the tyrnaid theme thing would do nicely esspecially as I plan to reuse this display board I made that includes other dead tyranids.

    The second part has to do with me tinkering and testing on my way to hardboyz in the spring. In my hardboyz list there will likely be 2 iron clads and 2 other dreds. Now my first plan was for them to be MM/Hf dreds. But with the imminent arrival of the nids I began to wonder how perhaps an assault cannon/HF dred would work in that list. So Im tentatively planing to test out the assault cannon dred in this tourney scene. I dont feel like I lose too much from the melta loss esspecially if I can set up some side armor shots. And the assault cannon helps with some horde control as well.

  3. Then you may ask: "why dont you put heavy flamer with the assault cannon instead?" And that would seem a more logical and use based change. However the flamer I have for one of my AOBR MM dreds is heavily converted with greenstuff flames and a burning tyranid held in its grasp and the size difference means it cant be attached to the regular dred chasis.

    So once again its a part of the painting part of the competition. Something I wont have to thikn about in the Hardboyz tournament but is something to think about in these events with soft scores.

    Im not the best painter. If I want a shot at winning the whole tournament it will be by running the table(or getting close) and having a good sportsmanship score. But I do need my painting score to not drag me down so low that those things arent enough.

  4. If I were playing you with the Storm Vipers, I would lose on turn 1.

    If I were playing you with the Dark Eldar, I'd throw all in reserve then dance. You have virtually no long range firepower (longest range is 24"?). How will you deal with reserved fast armies that can pick apart your army from afar, concentrate to take one objective, then contest others?

    If I were playing the Orks, I'd set up the bikers nobs so that you'd not have range to shoot melta at them on turn 1 by using the koptas scout move to ensure you couldn't drop close enough, then whatever's in range to assault you will do so. How would your plan change facing that? Interestingly enough, you list has absolutely nothing I'd like to shoot at with Lootas :)

    Not bashing the list at all, quite the opposite, just really curious how you'll handle lists that don't fall in to semi-predictable patterns.

  5. "Because its a tournament and I dont need to be nice to people that means that almost all the toys I enjoy taking will be in my list."

    Priceless :)

  6. yeah that was for you bob lol... maybe I should have put a smily face after it for other people. And reading it agin it is funny. I should clarify Im always nice(well mostly), I just dont have to take a nice list because its a tournament.

    Yeah against a fast army Id drop on objectives hopefully and force them to come to me. And though I have only 24" range if im deployed closer to their board edge theyd be in range when they came in off the board. And hopefully Id make more cover saves than when we last played. And if I was going second and they had already decided to cede the board to me I might deploy the landraider as well.

    Against the orks itd really come down to your deployment, and mission to see what I target 1st turn. And likely your list would be one of the few that might mean I actually deploy the landraider.