Thursday, December 10, 2009

Whats Your Favorite Army to Fight?

With rumors swirling about the contents of the new Tyranids codex, my friend and I have been having some serious debate about the new direction and power upgrade to the gibbering horde.

Now I hope the new codex is balanced and fun not only for me as an opponent but also for the Tyranid players. I really do hope to see them come out in droves, and new bandwagon players pick up a pile of tyranid warriors to take advantage of the new codex on the block.

Because I love killing Tyranids. They are by far my favorite enemy race. I dont know what it is about them. I just love squashing the little(and not so little) bugs. Part of the reason I guess is the particular armies Ive played have had a nice time against the army. And a part of it is the shear "alienness" of the army compared to the others. There is no moral ambiguity with the Tyranids, they need to be exterminated.

So what are some of your favorite armies to face? Either stylistically or narratively, or for no reason at all.


  1. I guess i'd have to say i like fighting Space Marines the most. maybe its because I face them so often, but its like coming home to a nice hot dinner for me :).

  2. Like LV, I enjoy fighting SM the best, but for very different reasons.

    I only own a handful of army codex books. My knowledge of other races comes strictly from playing against them and fiddling with Army Builder. That leaves me at a tremendous disadvantage when I don't know what anything in an opponent's army does.

    Space marines are familiar, I know what everything does and what I can expect. The same might be said of Orks, Daemons, or Dark Eldar, but the Marines are far more fun for me to face...perhaps it's because when I'm contemplating a unit or army build, the assumption I always make is that they'll be facing MEQ (I think you do the same)... so not only do I know what the opponent's force is capable of, I've already considered in great detail my own capabilities against them.

    I hate fighting Tyranid above all else: I don't know wtf a Feeder Tendril does, don't tell me it has Feeder Tendrils...tell me it has Preferred Enemy: that's a rule I know! But to find that rule, I have to wade what an opponent's bio-equipment does, I have to wade through 50 pages of crap to find that all it does is a stat increase. I hate that!