Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Warstore Weekend Game 1:Dan's IG

Ok so round 1 of my bootleg battle reports. Thought they came out pretty decent with powerpoint slides. Not as technically perfect as the vassal ones I could do on the old computer, but alas I dont have it on my mac.

Game 1 was against Dan, from ten inch template the blog you can find to the right on my list. He is an amazing painter and great guy. He tells me he isnt the most competitive of players but is far from bad and using the Ig codex means he starts with a strong versatile base for each of his games.

My list is already posted. Dan was running 4 veteran Squads in chimeras with 3 meltas and an auto cannon. A command Squad with 4 meltas in a chimera. 2 squadrons of 2 Leman Russ tanks, a squadron of 2 Medusa, and 2 Vendetta flyers.

Our mission was 5 objective, placed evenly in the 4 corners of the board 12" in and 18" from the sides, and 1 in the direct center. I havent bothered to place them in any of the pictures as you can imagine them and my scale is likely wrong, and for other reasons that will become apparent.

Dan won the roll to go first, and after some debate gave me turn 1. I deployed my 2 speeders with scouts on board on the left side, and my 2 shooty dreadnoughts in the center.

I sat and waited for Dan to tell me that of course all of his units would be in reserve. But Dan deployed everything other then his vendettas. Honestly I dont know which would have been better, as often when people go the all reserve route their stuff comes in piecemail and the dreadnoughts feast. I think Dan figured his chimeras would take the brunt of my damage and the veterans would repay me with melta, while his officer of the fleet kept my other reserves off board for a few turns.
Turn 1 I landed all 4 Ironclads. The scouts which had moved pre-game with scout move moved 12 more inches and one squad got out. The shooty dreads moved forward so that their assault cannons would gain range. The scout sergeant used his combimelta and blew up a leman Russ, and then the speeder wrecked the other. Killed the inside left chimera with fire from the autocannon/assault cannon dreads, and then flamed the vets away with an Ironclad. On the right flank the Ironclads teamed up to blow up one chimera and stun the other.

Dan was amazed at the power of multiple twin linked heavy flamers hitting the sides of multiple chimeras. Something Ive found to be very effective against some of the large vehicle lists that IG and marines tend to be taking nowadays.
On Dan's turn 1 things did not go nearly as well. He shook the left red Ironclad with his command squads meltas. His medusa tanks shot at the left most Ironclad and while one shot scattered off to no effect the other only managed a 2 for penetration and so was equally ineffective. Of the two vet squads on the right side, one was pinned down in its wrecked chimera, and the other failed to do anything with some out of half range melta shots.
On my turn 2 vulkan came in and I had no idea where to put him so I dropped him somewhere in the middle of the field. The dreadnoughts continued their barrage of the board. Wiping out all the remaining veterans with heavy flamer fire, and assaulting the remnants of the command squad. Shooting also knocked off both medusa guns and shook a battle tank.
Dan took shots on Vulkans squad with his remaining battle tank, it scattered onto the back half of the combat squad and the marines passed all their cover saves.
Dreads wrecked the remaining vehicles in his deployment zone. Just waiting for the vendettas.
Only one vendetta this turn, kills a marine or so.
Immobilize the vendetta.
Lose a few more marines to lascannon fire.
Wreck both vendettas. Game ends.
Dan was a joy to play with. So much so that I was feeling rather terrible that things were going so badly for him. But as any player who has been playing long enough knows, sometimes things just go south. Im glad Dan and I could both laugh at things and talk about his beautiful army. And the best compliment that he gave me was that he would hands down play me again any time. Hopefully I'll see him again at another event and our game will turn out a lot tighter.


  1. I didn't realize just HOW severe the beating was, till I read this.

    Again though, I stand by my claim: I would play you again any day. Just hopefully with better dice and strategy. =D

  2. Hi there,

    I followed your thread on 40k online. This list looks fun to model and fun to play. Keep posting battle reports. My only suggestion is that you need to use some sort of icons in your battle reports, find a little icon of a drop pod or something.