Sunday, October 31, 2010

Warstore Weekend Game 5: Jorge's Blood Angels

So after my tumble from the top of the rankings I thought, no more mephiston and his Blood Angel pack for me. Alas it was not to be, Jorge a friend of my first opponent Dan was also using the ultimate space vampire with a another shifted blood angel list.

Jorge had mephiston and an hq chaplain. A death company in a Rhino, and a Death Company Dreadnought in a pod as well. He had 2 full assault squads in rhinos, and 2 minimum squads in assault cannon razor backs. He rounded all this out with 2 auto cannon/las cannon predators.

The mission for this final game was 5 objectives with spear head deployment. Jorge won the roll to go first and gave me first turn. I deployed my 2 speeders and my 2 shooty dreadnoughts. Jorge chose to put everything in reserve.
Having first turn I dropped my two empty pods and two flamer Ironclads on the top right objective. 3 pods landed close enough to contest it and I hid the Ironclads behind them. My pods moved around to create buffers against his pod. I waffled back and forth on popping smoke on my shooty dreads, and ultimately didnt.
On Jorge's first turn his Dreadnought podded in, and was just inside the deepstriking messup zone of the storms, so it had to scatter 4d6, but on those 4 dice he only rolled an 8, so still got to melta one of my dreads away.
Turn 2 I blessedly got none of my reserves in. And retribution was sweet on Jorge's landing party. I blew up the dreadnought, and wrecked the pod.
Turn 2 for the Blood Angels saw the arrival of the death company, and both predators. The death company powered forward and popped smoke. The predators downed my troop mobility by immobilizing both speeders and knocking the weapon off of one of them.
On my third turn Vulkan and the tactical marines landed. I combat squaded them leaving the master of the forge along with Vulkan and the sergeant in one group blocking the doors on the death company's rhino, while the other squad went running towards the back objective.

One of my Ironclads also landed, and wreck one of the predators. My other two Ironclads moved up the field from the right firing their krak missiles to wreck the other predator. The shooty dreadnought managed to blow through the rhino's smoke immobilizing the tank.
On Jorge's half of the turn his dice got hot and all his reserves came in. The death company tried to snake between the pod and their rhino to assault vulkan but was just short. One rhino went flat out popping smoke. The other disgorged its assault marines to hopefully wreck the Ironclad. They didnt and so Mephiston waded into assault. Sadly poor rolling netted nothing but stuns and shakes on the beast and it wounded mephiston in return.
Turn 4 and I got my last Ironclad in. Its pod blocked the routes of the razorbacks and the door on the rhino, and it set up to hopefully open the tranport up so Vulkan could assault the contents. My scouts began to leave their positions to claim objectives.

Shooting was ineffectual so Vulkan and company had to rely on krak grenades and the master of the forge's powerfists to wreck the Rhino, they did but would have to withstand some more shooting next turn.

Mephiston again failed to finish off my other Ironclad in combat.
The blood angels opened up the salvos, but cover save love hit my regular marines, they passed at least 12 straight 3+ saves from different sources, but neither vulkan nor the master of the forge could pass the single 2+ they were called upon. The assault squad with priest in tow moved into combat with my marines, while the death company wrecked the drop pod and Mephiston finally cut through the dreadnought.
My troop squads were well situated on the 3 furthest objectives, I figured mephiston would be assaulting my other Ironclad so actually didnt move my tactical marines in the bottom left as far as I could have(fore shadowing much).

Vulkan and company finished off the assault marines, leaving 1 marine, a wounded master of the forge, and Vulkan with 2 wounds left hunkered in cover.
The death company assaulted into Vulkan's retinue. Mephiston rolled a 6 on his fleet roll for the second time this game and just reached my marines in cover wiping them out. The death company killed everyone but Vulkan who held strong and actually won combat.

We rolled and the game continued onto a 6th turn.
On my turn 6 I charged my Ironclad in to help Vulkan, while on the other side my other dreads finally got into the action and one assaulted the long ago immobilized Rhino.

All the death company were now dead aside from the attached chaplain.
Jorge got his assault marines back inside their ride and moved to claim his objective and hopefully block my Ironclads from contesting it if the game went on. Mephiston moved towards my scouts but would still need another turn to reach them.

At this point we decided to call the game as most of the affairs were in order. Vulkan and the dreadnought would have finished off the chaplain, with 2 other dreads also present to contest his one objective. While I still had 2 at the moment and though mephiston would likely take one of those away in another turn, my far scouts were hidden from line of sight and would still get me victory.
So the tournament came to an end. Not expecting much in awards I was nonetheless ready to cheer for the awards ceremony. I was totally floored with pride when Jason announced that I had taken home best sportsman as it speaks volumes to the respect I got from my great opponents. And then when he announced I had also taken 3rd place I jumped up with elation as well.

The tournament was great. Well run, good missions, good opponents. I cant wait till next years.

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