Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Warstore Weekend Game 2: Another Dan? Black Templars

So look up at the standings and find myself in first place after round 1, Woohoo. And matched up one point behind me is a Black Templar player. Felt really good to see two "older" marine books up top in a field filled with 7 Blood angels and a few Space Wolves as well.

Well turns out for round 2 my opponents name was Dan again. Which is great for me because Im usually terrible at names. His army was solid, 2 templar squads in rhinos, 1 with the emperor's champion in a godhammer landraider, a marshal and loaded terminator assault squad in a Landraider Crusader, and a venerable melta dreadnought in a pod.

Our mission was a modified kill point with pitched battle deployment. After deployment we each had to select 5 enemy units to be our target kill points. Only 3 of which could be dedicated transports. Dan chose my tactical squad and its pod. One of my scout squads, and the pods for my 2 dual flamer Ironclads.

I chose his 2 rhinos, his Landraider Crusader, and both his Dreadnought and its pod. My theory with these choices were that the rhinos were likely the easiest kills in his army. IF he wanted to use his dread he would need to drop it into range of my dreads as well, thus putting it and its pod in harms way. And with the crusader I hoped that it would cause him to be tentative with his deployment of it.

Dan won the roll to go first and told me to go first. I once again deployed my shooty dreads in a central position. Dan put everything he had into reserves.
On my first turn I dropped my melta Ironclads and my empty pods. And shuffled my ranged dreadnoughts forward.
After an eventful first turn... oh wait no enemies on the board yet lol. We hit turn 2 with most of the field still in deployment. My scouts that were a kill point came in, I moved them flat out to hid behind some terrain. My tactical squad with characters attached also came in, no other reserves. Once again I shuffled forward a bit.
On Dan's second turn he got all his reserves in. He took out one of my pods that was a kill point. The rest of his shooting was ineffectual due to cover saves.
On my turn 3 the rest of my reserves showed up. I put my scout speeder square in front of the crusader I had marked for death. My flamer Ironclads dropped behind his dreadnought with the dual intentions of wrecking it and placing their pods deep in my deployment zone and in cover. Now with all his kill points on the field I hoped to put him in a position where I could steal a huge advantage and then rely on the fact that my scouts were safely hidden and my tactical squad would be hard to finish off at range. But his rhinos proved difficult to hurt, I immobilized both with the combined fire of my shooty dreads and the missiles off of the Ironclads.

The scouts managed to immobilize the landraider, and I immobilized the dreadnought as well as blowing off its combat arm. In assault the master of the forge wrecked the drop pod with his servo harness.
On dan's 3rd turn he took shots on my deep pods, which were foiled by cover. He did manage to destroy the scouts speeder and pin down the scouts in the crater, which kept his landraider alive. But he wasnt advancing out of his vehicles so with a slim lead I was content to trade shots with him.
I advanced again on my turn 4. Shooting again could not wreck either rhino. Ironclad destroyed the venerable dreadnought in either this phase or his combat phase.
Turn 4 and Dan has started to get out of his vehicles, but with a very real chance of the game ending randomly on turn 5 this might be too late. He finished off the non-point giving scouts with his shooting and took a weapon arm off one of my dreads.
On turn 5 I finally managed to kill one of the rhinos, the other turned away 2 ranged melta shots with ease. I assaulted the right most troop squad with an Ironclad, hoping to beat through them and get a shot at the rhino if the game went another turn. little did I know that Templar Squads are fearless in combat.
After making Dan sweat his way through several turns, and his rhinos ability to shrug off every blow he was ready for some redemption. He hoped that his lascannon batteries would finally knock out my other pod and if the game ended he would pull out a draw from the teeth of defeat. He shot, he penned, I made my cover save, boo yah. We were having a great time laughing at how hard it was to kill each others soft targets. He harged his super furious charge terminator unit into my other forward Ironclad, but didnt kill it.
We rolled and the game went on to turn 6.

Needing to get something through to his last rhino, knowing that it would be unlikely to kill the landraider, I seperated Vulkan and the MOF and pushed them into assault to help bail out the Ironclad from the regular marines. My other two Ironclads poured themselves into the assault with the terminators, in hind sight one of them shoud have moved and been ready to assault the landraider the next turn, but I believe it was after this assault move that I learned Black Templars are fearless in combat. Vulkan killed a few marines, the dreadnoughts all downed several, but the one marine powerfist managed to kill that Ironclad, while the terminators failed to hurt any of the three they were locked with.
On the black templar half of the turn he blew up my drop pod, tying us in kill points. Vulkan fought his way through the marines, but the master of the forge was lost.

We rolled again and this nail biter went on to turn 7!
The game was all tied up. All I had to do to win was blow up this one darn rhino that had shrugged off 6 missile, several ranged melta shots, and all I had to do it was Vulkan and his Relic blade. It was immobilized and so I hit it with 4 attacks automatically. Rolled the damage dice and got 2 pens. Managed to get two weapon destroyed to luckily kill it in the end.

We called it there as there was no way to kill my marines who were behind LOS blocking terrain.
I really liked this game a lot. Not only because my opponent was such a great guy, but because it took kill points which I usually hate and turned it into a system with some strategy behind it. See I like the objective missions more because you have to make plans to win the game that dont always involve killing off your opponent or having the best codex in terms of killing power. A mission system like this one seems more balanced to me.

Well after 2 games I was still in first. So its table 1 again for another tough matchup in round 3 upcoming.

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