Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Battle for Salvation: Game 1

Game 1 found me against Charlie.

he had Logan, a Rune Priest in Terminator Armour; 2 units of Long Fangs with Missiles and a third with Multi-meltas (why don't more people use MM?). Then 4 units of Wolf Guard with BP/CCW each with a couple terminators, one of which was Arjac. There were two Rhinos and two Pods(stolen from my friend bobs blog who played him also).

So game one was dawn of war deployment, with kill points as the primary. I think secondary was quarters with objectives 3rd. I won the roll to go first and deployed 2 units of wyches, with the Archon in one.

Charlie deployed Arjac's unit and a second wolf guard squad on the top right. He had everything else slated to come in turn 1. My stuff was all in reserve ready for portal fun.

Then Charlie seized the initiative and his stuff came in. Rhino lit up my Archons unit and the shooting began. Lost a large chunk of that squad. Down to about 6 models and the Archon, but passed morale so wasnt a huge problem.
So my turn 1 I moved the intact wych squad left and up to threaten his flank and perhaps scare his long fangs that had popped out of Rhinos. My other squad hunkered down behind the central building trying to get out of LOS. Archon dropped the portal.

on Charlie's second turn he began to shoot at my left wych squad. i had spaced out to only be hit by small blasts once or twice. Got cover lost some wyches. The squad behind the building was largely safe from shooting, luckily right out of murderous hurricane range as Charlie had backed up to get away from my portal.
Turn 2 I got most all my reserves except for one Talos. Beasts went right, shooting toward the long fang squad and Arjac and Logan and the rune priests wolf guard squad. Incubi and Drahzar also moved that way hoping to kill some power armor. Harlequins moved through the cover toward a Rhino, joined by the Archon, along with the Talos and Cronos.

Beasts assaulted the drop pod and long fangs, killing a few but not devastatingly. Beast unit absolutely deck logan and company. Killed the rune priest all 6 power armor guys, and a terminator. And won combat leaving Logan, Arjac and a terminator.

Incubi had been left out with a bad run roll. Harlequins wrecked the rhino.
Charlie's turn 3 saw him formulating counter assaults and beginning to shoot. He shot a few wyches. Killed the Cronos. And then shot and charged the harlequins and the beasts that were locked with Logan.

Harlequins were whittled down, but with Archons help won that combat leaving 2 terminators and 2 power armor guys left. With incoming help Logan and Arjac sent the beasts running. But the other BEast Squad killed the Longfangs.

They also told us at this time that we were well... out of time. SO my turn 3 would be the last. A quick check of the mission parameters saw that we were likely tied or close enough on kill points as long as the harlequins and archon didnt bite it. So I just needed to close the gap on other things.

I moved the wych squad on the left to spread out and take bottom left objective and contest the top one. The central wych squad was happy to sit on that objective. On the right I moved the beasts to contest that top objective. I sent the incubi back right to secure that quarter.

In order to have some fun I sent Drahzar in to "save" the Archon. Between him and the Archon the space wolves died gloriously.
So Charlie and I tied on kill points. Tied on Quarters, and I wont 2 Objectives to none.

Was a fun game, though sadly very short. Going from my all Dreadnought army that has very little dice to this was a huge change and I made concerted efforts to play even faster in games after this.

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