Tuesday, October 18, 2011

So Ive been too lazy to post in a long long while.

So Ive been busy... taking pics at events... half doing some battle reports... and posting nothing.

So instead of trying to work off notes and get everything up Im going to post up some pics from all the things Ive been going to. Colonial, Bros Grim Gt. Ill post up some Nova stuff and do a few selected reports from those events. And full reports from BFS with my new army.

Darn orks charged out and killed my dreadnought.... too bad Vulkan showed up next turn with his heavy flamer. Sorry Bill.These were Rob Baer's great looking blood angels at Bros. Grim. Lost a tight game to them at the end of day 1.
Lost to Andrew Blackwells deamons on the top table of Bros Grim after fighting back into the top bracket. I knew the game would be tough when vulkan fled from combat early in the game... managed to regroup later but lost that poor dreadnought because of it.
Went to an Apocalypse game with my friend Eric. Here are his 6000pts of imperial guard. Mostly in the 1450pt Reaver and the 3 Baneblades.
And here were my 6000pts of Marines. Couple land raiders. Some terminators.And something like 13 Dreadnoughts.Our team was over on the left. We really wanted to go first so bet we could set up our army in 4 min. we just made it and it was hilarious listening to the countdown from the other team, who bet they could set theirs up in 27 min.

Game was fun if long. 22,000 pts per side. 6 super heavies each. we blew up their warhound, and a baneblade. And crippled their stompa and another baneblade on turn 1. Their eyes were huge after the initial destruction. But they fought on strong until succumbing to our advantage after 3 turns.
I finally got to play my friend Bob Evers at the Bros Grim Gt as well. In Salamander on Salamander goodness the dice gods favored me. Though his are far prettier.

And a teaser pic here is Chris Dubuque's beauty of a Blood Angel army... just before I charge them at Battle for Salvation.

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