Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Battle for Salvation: Game 2

So game 2 and they told me I was on table 1. I got all giddy and was kinda weirded out because I thought I hadnt won all that well in my first round. Well I had forgotten it was NOVA and not regular swiss so not only was I really the worst winnner from round 1... doh... I had to play the best winner.

And the best winner from round 1 was Chris Dubuque. Ive played chris at several other events. He has even travelled up the perilous 7 connector to play me at my home store. We always have fun exciting games. And Chris's army is absolutely beautiful. He ended up winning best painted at Battle for Salvation against stiff competition.

His list was:
3 Priests with power weapons, 2 had jump packs
5 Assault terminators
2 10 man Assault squads with power weapons, and a mix of meltas and flamers
2 5 man Scout squads
A Landraider Crusader

Mission was Spearhead, Table quarters first, with seize ground and kill points as tie breakers.

I think Chris won the roll to go first and told me to go for it. We shook hands and prepared for glory.

I deployed my harlequins with the archon. The harlequins are my go to deploy in this army in everything but dawn of war. They really make a great unit to deploy my webway archon in. Not only do they ignore terrain for movement, but with the shadowseer they have improved night fight making them hard to shoot at so I can almost always get my webway down going first or second.

Chris deployed his army behind his Landraider, with scouts sitting in that building and another squad outflanking.
Chris shuffled forward a bit on his first turn, and shot at the harlequins killing a few.
My turn 2 I got a unit of wyches, a unit of beasts, and 2 Taloses into the fray. Wyches got a terrible move through cover roll... a 2. But oh well Archon switched to them. Talos moved centrally out of the portal to shoot the Landraider. Beasts slid up top. Shot at land raider and immobilized it with heat lances. Then charged with beasts, Talos, and wyches hoping to surround it. After all that was 2" short to close it off, stupid slow wyches.
But the wyches wrecked it with Haywire grenades spilling the terminators out the rear door.
On Chris's turn 2 the counter charge was on. It was at this point in the game I began to worry a bit. Mephiston jumped up on the cliff ready to charge my Archon. The terminators and Sanguinor lined up to charge some wyches. Assault squads shuffled and began shooting up beasts, who went to ground. I go to ground a lot more with this army than any I have played before.

Mephiston charged my Archon and I got to use the spiffy plans for my clone field and shadnets. 3 shardnet wyches got into base to base with mephiston. Combined with defensive grenades and a healthy 2 clones I was able to negate all of mephistons attacks on my Archon. Then Chris began to sweat, I had the reroll to wound drugs and a blade that causes instant death whahahahah. However with 5 attacks I managed one measly hit, and after 2 tries to roll a 6 failed Chris breathed easier. Terminators did healthy amounts of death to wyches. I lost combat by 8-9, would have only been 3-4 had I killed mephiston. Failed leadership and was promptly cut down by mephistons sweeping advance.
My turn 3 I got only the Cronos and another beast pack in. My other beast unit was pinned down. I sent one Talos into his nearest assault squad. Everything else I sent into the terminators and mephiston. Mainly hoping to kill the terminators and maybe hurt mephiston enough to win combat and maybe he would run away.

Managed to kill the terminators, but they got to attack since I had no grenades. Tie combat meant everyone was still stuck, beasts and one lone harlequin on mephiston and Talos and Cronos on the Chaplain who survived.

The other talos started killing marines at a high rate, only taking one wound in return.

On Chris's turn 3 he moved the free assault squad and Sanguinor to take care of my other beast unit. His other scout squad out flanked on the far left side of the board and went into hiding. He easily sent the beasts fleeing.

In the huge scrum in the middle the chaplain was easily killed by the monsters, and the beasts began to wound mephiston with rending attacks. Now here came an interesting ruling from the judges, after the combat I moved my beasts in to surround mephiston, which left no room for the Talos or Cronos. In my understanding of the rules they would then be free of combat while the beasts and mephiston would be locked. THe judges said that since somebody couldnt get in the whole thing broke up... I didnt argue too much even though I didnt agree since it just meant that I would charge again with the beasts... but still not how I would play that situation.

The other talos routed the remaining assault marines.
On my turn 4 I got my Incubi/Drahzar and my other wych unit onto the table. Incubi lined up from Chris's Assault marines and Chris just took them off the table. Wyches charged Sanguinor and began to whittle him down doing 2 wounds to only one in return.

Beasts finished off mephiston, while Talos and Cronos ripped apart the static scouts on the far right. My other Talos moved into the bottom right quarter to hold it.
On Chris's turn 4 he moved his scouts into the bottom left quarter, and my wyches finished off his award winning Sanguinor.

Game was great. Really was impressed with my army's ability to kill some really tough units that the Blood Angels can field. Chris was wowed with just how destructive my army was in combat, with each of my units being equal to or greater than his best combat troops as well.

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