Saturday, January 28, 2012

Conflict 2012: Games 1 and 2

Game 1 I played Matthew Bennet and his wonderfully eclectic Grey Knights army. He had Draigo, and only one Dreadnought, he had a few strike squads, a Purgation squad, Paladins and a Storm Raven.

We were playing 3 objectives.

Basically I got greedy going for a storm raven with just a Lictor Squad, leaving my hive Tyrant too close to get rofl stomped by Draigo. And minstrike missiles suck for Broodlords. Did manage to Mawloc his whole purgation squad. Had a few chances at the end to either pull out a win or tie, but Mawloc needed to cause one more wound to a paladin to prevent its death, and warriors needed to cause one more wound to the dreadknight to contest. neither happened so a big ol loss on round one.

I think the game would have gone much better had I been more patient. But I still was in a bad spot with how mean Draigo is to nids. He was a good opponent, only he kept apologizing to me for how bad my army is...

Game 2 was against Stephen. He had from memory Vulkan and the master of the forge. A servitor squad, a 5 man tactical squad in a razorback, and a 10 man in a rhino. 2 5 man scout squads, 2 Dreadnoughts in pods, and a thunderfire cannon in a pod. Also 2 vindicators.

Objective here was to have more of your scoring units in the opponents half of the board at the end of the game then they had in yours.

Well since all 4 of my scoring units outflank I was pretty confident I could do this. All I would need to do is kill off one of his scoring units.

Steve's list isnt bad exactly, though without 5+ Dreadnoughts I dont see a real need for the master of the forge, but he was going for an Adeptus Mechanicus feel and conversion. His conversions on his master and his Vulkan to bring them into the Mech were great. And everything else other than the servitors is solid in my opinion. Its just that I also run Vulkan the master of the forge and drop podding Dreadnoughts so this is something I know inside and out.

I deployed both mawlocs deep in my corner. And had all my troops set to outflank, with the Hive Tyrant coming on from the edge, and the ymgarls hiding in a central building.

He deployed his scouts in the second floor of the ymgarls building and the others in another both already in my deployment half. The rest of his army formed a mechanized convoy and drove right up the middle of the field. He dropped his two dreadnoughts right in front of my mawlocs. They shot them doing a wound to each.

I burrowed both Mawlocs away leaving the dreadnoughts far from anything else in his army.

He moved up some more turn 2, and turned the dreadnoughts around to come back towards the center.

I got 2 genestealers in round 2, along with the ymgarls. Ymgarls went straight for the scouts in their building and killed all but 1. The Mawlocs popped up and one scattered badly, while the other hit right on the thunderfire cannon killing it.

His turn 3 he turned his guns around and opened fire on the mawlocs, killing one with the combination of melta and vindicator fire. He charged into the ymgarls with his master of the forge and servitors. The ymgarls won scattering the servitors and slaying the scouts and forgefather.

On my turn 3 I got both Lictor packs in, along with more genestealers and warriors and Hive tyrant. The Tyrant went after one Dreadnought in the bottom right breaking its arm and taking no damage in return. The warriors got in the rear arc of another and sadly did nothing leaving the genestealers to assault it. They ground it down over the next turn or so. Lictors shot up the Rhino and razorback only doing minor inconsequential damage. The ymgarls mutated for strength and charged the vindicators. Tore the gun off of one and stunned the other.

On Steve's turn 4 he got vulkan and the small squad out of the razorback and flamed down the ymgarls... poor bugs. While the Rhino fled from the lictors. He thought about getting the big squad out, but chose not too when he realized that my Mawloc had burrowed again last turn and would be coming back.

On my turn 4 the mawloc popped up and killed Vulkan's retainers and pushed the man towards the hungry maws of the Lictors. The Hive Tyrant that had finished off the Dreadnought on his turn flew up and cast Paroxsym on Vulkan. Then all 6 Lictors charged him. In a gross display of dice they hit with all 24 attack... several missed at first but they were all 1's which Lictors reroll with scything talons. Wounded him with 17 regular and 4 rending. Needless to say he died horribly.

From there Steve did some nice cagey moves to keep himself in the game. His scouts ran and hid in the razorback and his other rhino stuck to the mission and tried to push for my zone.
But all the monsters and genestealers were able to run amuck and catch the poor marines.
So after 2 games I had the low of a major defeat and the high of everything working to perfection. So no real consensus so far on how the list would work out for the whole event.

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