Sunday, January 29, 2012

Conflict 2012: Game 3

Game 3 I sadly have no pictures again. Usually I feel that I have plenty of time to snap shots between turns. I dont know what it was about Conflict this year, but I felt rushed. It may have been the unfamiliarity I have with Tyranids. Unlike my drop pod Marines, which I know inside and out, or my Dark Eldar which are more fire and forget the Tyranid list I was playing required a lot more thought power.

Anyway I was playing George Tsemberlis in round 3. George and I met at Conflict 2010, 3 years ago and I see him at other events around the north east. We play at every Conflict too... kinda our mid January tradition.

George has a gorgeous Demon army... sadly he had shelved this for Grey Knights. He had Crowe and 2 10 man Purifier squads in Rhinos. A full Strike squad in a Rhino. 3 Dreadnoughts and a terminator Squad of decent size.

The mission was spearhead and kill points. George won first turn and settled into his corner with his Rhinos and dreadnoughts, with his terminators in reserve.

George started to spread out. The only thing I had on the board were my two Mawlocs in the corner. I left them there on turn 1 as well.

Turn 2 George spread out further. He had 2 dreads in a piece of terrain along with Crowe who he hid on the 3rd floor of a building on a very narrow outcrop.

On my turn 2 I got my Hive Tyrant, both Lictor packs and 2 genestealer units in. The genestealers I put on the far right well away from his starting quarter. My Hive Tyrant shot up one of his purifier Rhinos and managed to wreck it. While my lictors shot the rear of 2 dreadnoughts, 1 wrecked and one simply shaken. I also burrowed one Mawloc this turn.

On turn 3 George landed his terminators in the hopes of applying pressure on the stealers, he also moved the Strike squad in that direction. The foot slogging squad of purifiers decided to shoot up one Lictor pack, which took the pounding and lost only 1 model, while the Dreadnoughts opened up on my Tyrant taking it down to a single wound. Crowe was stuck on the top floor of the building with my Lictors in his way so he stayed put.

On my turn 3 I got my warriors and last genestealer unit. I brought them in on the top left and tried some rear shots on a Dreadnought. My mawloc popped out under the purifiers and thanks to the nearby lictors didnt scatter. George went to ground but still lost 6. My Ymgarls also arrived and along with one lictor pack charged the other Purifier Rhino. They managed to surround it completely but exploded it. Still only about 3-4 Purifiers were able to be placed so the rest died. My Hive Tyrant moved forward and managed to heal himself by using leech essence on the pinned Purifier unit, so back up to 2 wounds. I also burrowed the other Mawloc.

On turn 4 George turned his Strike squad and terminators around and came back towards me. He began shooting up my warriors with the terminators and his remaining dreadnought, killing a few. His mobile purifiers tried to kill off the ymgarls successfully.

On my turn the other Mawloc arrived and finished one purifier unit. The Hive Tyrant healed himself another wound off the other Purifiers. He along with the Lictor and mobile Mawloc finished them off. My other genestealer unit charged his Dreadnought in the top of the board.

On turn 5 his terminators shot up and killed my last warrior. His strikes got out to shoot the mawlocs but did inconsequential damage.

On my turn 5 my monsters grouped together and charged his strike squad. He was able to force weapon kill a Mawloc but my other one and Hive Tyrant killed the grey knights.

We rolled to see if the game ended and it did. I won on Kill points. Having killed a Rhino, 2 Purifier units, 2 dreadnoughts, and the strikes. And losing only 1 Mawloc, the ymgarls, and the warriors.

This was the kind of Grey Knight list I had hoped for and planned for. Paladins and Draigo like the game one are a much harder matchup than mass Dreadnoughts. The Lictors really can make a mess of them between rear shots and combat. Also Id much rather pop Mawlocs up under Purifiers... then Strikes with darn warpquake.


  1. Were any of the Broodlords Force-weaponed?

  2. Nope. Since most units of grey knights can only use one power it tends to be hammer hand, or purifying flame unless going against monsters.

    Best use of the force weapon Ive seen is on the hammer. Since it wounds monsters on a 2+ saving the force weapon power for it drastically improves your chance of casting it, rather than needing a 6 to wound with the regular ones. After having that happen to me Id definitely advocate for a hammer for that instance.