Saturday, January 28, 2012

Templecon is a Week away

We're back....So after the brief Tyranid hiatus. Im back to Dark Eldar. I love the foot webway list, the way it plays the fun units. Its my favorite army to play right now. Sadly it works best at 2000pts since Drahzar and my Archon cost about 440pts combined. But they look ready to party here.
Backed up by the luscious Incubi.
With harlequins to lead the foray out of the webway.
And Wyches to clean up. Thats what girls are for right?
Its coming for you....

The army was a barely painted shell for Battle for Salvation. Its mostly ready now with only some basing and details to do for most everyone, and some decent work to do on the two pain engines in the back.

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