Monday, September 20, 2010

Hard Boyz Testing Origional LIst

This was months ago in May. I was testing for the hard boyz preliminary rounds with my friend Alex. My list included 5 dreadnoughts in pods, 2 tactical squads in pods, an assault squad in pod and a 7 man vanguard unit with jet packs. Against Alex's straken led all infantry guard regiment.

In this first picture you can see his deployment with hundreds of boots on the ground. Mystics set centrally for protection, and he also has one unit outflanking with Al Raheim.
My initial drops included a very risky and ultimately futile rear drop in the corner. I made the mistake of dropping vulkan and the MOF with the small assault squad instead of my 5th dreadnought as well. My shooting was limited in effect and then vulkan was scared off the board by the psyker battle squad.
Turn 2 saw the horde move up, including i believe the outflanking squad coming in far left off of the screen in this image. My two dreads that are shown here dual assaulted the large squad to the center and split it in half due to charge reactions. Eventually they succumbed to counter charges by straken. The dreadnought far in the top corner was immobilized.
Turn three I landed two tactical Squads and a dreadnought to try and crush the outflanking unit and restore some balance to the objective based game we were playing. The vanguard in my first foray with the unit charged the edge of a blob squad and though they killed a few for a turn or two were eventually cut down to a man by the 40 man unit with its hidden power weapons.

This game went very badly. Eventually I was ground under the boots of imperial guardsmen. And we reset the board for a second practice game. The second game went much better, we tried the victory points mission this time and ended up drawing the game. But I was still far from satisfied with the list and how it was performing. The vanguard were simply too expensive and inefficient at what I was trying to use them for, and also didnt fit my playstyle at all. I eventually switched my list at the 11th hour before the actual event and brought 1 less dreadnought and 2 full sternguard units that I enjoy so much for their shooting power out of their pods, I also ended up with another tactical squad instead of the assault marines.

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