Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hard Boyz testing again

Well the preliminaries of hard boyz went fine, with a major win for the final revision of the list. So getting ready for the second round it was back to Alex and his awesome guardsmen list to see if the last minute changes would pay off against a much better player then the prelim opponents.

We played the 5 objective mission, because Alex feels it is the hardest one for his army so he likes to practice it the most, and I agreed because I think it is the mission that leads to the most fun.

So turn 1 I landed 2 dreadnoughts in the upper corner of the screen, two more off screen to the left in cover, and a sternguard squad right in the middle, to waste their points value and kill the mystics.

The sternguard got charged, and sadly didnt die horribly like I would have hoped but lasted into another combat round depriving me of a glorious chance to flame away a blob of guardsmen.

And so the guardsmen won combat and had both their consolidate move and a whole turn to spread out.
While offscreen to the left Al Raheim and his outflanking platoon were cut thin by a podding tactical squad, with vulkan in tow. And then charged into combat by a dreadnought.
The ensuing counter charge by the marines left the platoon scattered.
Al Raheim however hid himself in the building.
The master of the forge and another tactical squad did not have quite as much success in the center of the board with the spread out platoon. And up in the right hand corner the other sternguard squad landed in a precarious position and proceeded to flame away many poor souls. However there were simply too many guardsmen.
This poor platoon however spent the entire fight locked in futile combat with both an Ironclad dreadnought and a venerable one.
The endless bodies on the guard side began to take a toll on the marines. However they would not be daunted. At this stage we both began to move heavily for some of the objectives. One in the top right was clearly his. One was on the third floor of the building and would be clearly mine. while two were on the bottom half of the screen, only one could i likely get to, and the other blue circle on the top left of the screen would need to be mine as well for the victory to be achieved.
The dreads and tactical marines moved swiftly from offscreen hoping to reach the objective that was being contested by straken. While other marines began to climb the building.
Vulkan had been left behind to deal with the hidden Al Raheim.

I guess as usual I lost sight of the camera on the last turn or so. In the end I managed to eek out a minor victory over Alex and his guardsmen. I was fairly happy with my list, and ready for the semifinals. However looking back now months later, I have plenty of tricks prepared for next years hard boyz.

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