Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Conflict 2011: Game 1

So game one I was paired against Gary and his Space Marines. With the amount of power armored players in the event it was pretty good odds. Our mission was pitched battle with 3 objectives that we would place after deployment and they would scatter.

My list is a few posts back.

Gary was using:
Captain: Jumppack, lightning claw, storm shield, melta bomb
Assault terminators: 4 hammers, 1 claw
Land Raider: lascannons
Sternguard: 7 with a powerfist
7 Scouts with Telion
Tactical Squad: lascannon
Tactical Squad: meltagun, combimelta, multimelta, drop pod
Devastator Squad: 4 heavy bolters
Devastator Squad: 4 heavy bolters
We rolled the same number several times to go first, and eventually I won the roll and deployed my thundefire cannon off screen to the left in some cover.

Gary deployed his army aside from the drop pod with his tactical Squad. His sternguard were next to his landraider with a devastator squad tucked behind it. A tactical squad with lascannon lined up in tree cover with his captain behind them. Another devastator squad lined up on the right and his scouts infiltrated towards the front.

After this setup we placed objectives. You can see the red circles in some of the shots. One was right in the middle area of the table in the first picture. The second was near my table edge, you can see it under his marines and near my speeders in shot 2, and the third was near his devastators on the right.

On my first turn I landed all of my Ironclads. My dual heavy flamer one burned out the scouts in their trees most spectacularly. While the other 2 fired their flamers, meltas, and missiles into the right most devastator squad and reduced it to cinders. My thunderfire cannon opened its salvos on the sternguard and somehow managed to kill 6 of them, but the sergeant passed his morale check.
On Gary's turn 1 his pod landed near my objective. His captain assaulted an Ironclad and failed to hit with his meltabomb and lost his life when his stormshield failed him. Shooting managed to shake my flamer Ironclad and break off its seismic hammer.

On my turn 2 both my speeders arrived from reserves as well as my shooty dreads and my scouts outflanking on. I moved the speeders into position to try and melta the drop pod while also getting tons of flamer shots on the marines... sadly though I destroyed the pod the marines proved much tougher, and weathered most of the flamer hits. SO I turned my trusty dakka dreads on them and killed all but one of the marines from one combat squad and one marine from the other... sadly the one marine who lived from the first group was the melta. On the top right one of my Ironclads was in assault range of his tactical marines while the other ran to threaten the midfield and wait for the terminators. My thunderfire cannon once again proved surprisingly effective, this time wasting away an entire five man devastator squad. The Ironclad won his assault against the marines and they fled from combat, and off the board their next turn.
On gary's second turn his terminators got out of the ride and moved towards my Ironclad. His lone gunman melta'd a shooty dread but merely shook it. Hit sternguard sergeant proved more valiant and used his fist to wreck a drop pod. The terminators failed to do much of anything to the Ironclad.
On my turn 3 Vulkan and his group showed up, and closed on the objective and lined up flamer shots on the marines blocking it. This time the multitude of heavy flamer and multimeltas proved too much for the marines and they were finished. The shaken dreadnought charged the lone melta man and killed him. The other shooty dread opened up on the sternguard sergeant and finished him. One Ironclad moved through the forest and with a mighty melta blast wrecked the landraider. While the other Ironclad and scouts moved up to join the assault on the terminators. With a clash of shot gun butts and enormous fists the terminators were put down, ending the threat.
The Thunderfire cannon was left with no more targets.

Gary was a great opponent and we laughed our way through our early game dice. In the end though the dreadnoughts overwhelmed his melta and his terminators didnt roll high enough to start knocking them down. Got to walk around and check out the other matches going on for this mission and was amazed at how many tables had 2 objectives squeezed way on one table edge with the other way on the other persons edge. It makes sense from a winning perspective Im sure but it never even occurred to me to put them anywhere but kinda near the middle.

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