Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January 22nd Brothers Grim 1850: Game 2

So after a bit more than a Draw in round 1 I found myself in the middle of the pack for round 2. And in that middle I found Danielle the Hive Mother at Brother's Grim and her stunning purple Tyranids. She was using a pretty diverse list:

Hive Tyrant - wings, hive commander(let her outflank a tervigon)
10 Gaunts
10 Gaunts
8 Genestealers
3 Zoanthropes
2 Hiveguard
Doom of Malantai - in pod
10 Gargoyles
4 Ravenors

The deployment for game 2 was Spearhead. Primary objective was seize ground with 5 counters. Secondary objectives were victory points, and tertiary was controlling terrain pieces. We rolled for first turn and Danielle went first. She deployed most of her army on the board, aside from an outflanking Tervigon and genestealer unit.
I deployed my thunderfire cannon in a reinforced ruin, and my 2 shooty dreads near the table edge. I outflanked my scouts in their speeder. My regular speeders and Rhino filled with marines and Vulkan and the master of the forge were in regular reserve. And I also had 3 pods filled with Ironclads.
On Danielle's first turn she burrowed her 2 Mawlocs back into reserve and then shuffled her army slightly forward. Her on board Tervigon spawned 14 gaunts and broke that ability by rolling doubles. She said she had lots of experience with drop pod armies so she spread out to make sure my first turn drop couldnt be too devastating.

So on my turn 1 I dropped in 3 empty pods, and tried to land them on objectives. On scattered too far towards the opposite edge. One landed right on an objective near the top right, and the other scattered towards the middle and ended up contesting the objective there. I shot tremor rounds from my thunderfire cannon at her gargoyle brood, injuring a few, with the idea being to slow the advance of her fast harrowing troops. I pulled the Dreadnoughts back further and fired upon the gargoyles some more.
On Danielle's second turn she got her reserves all in. Her tervigon and genestealers outflanked on my right. She put the tervigon to the right of the thunderfire cannon, and the genestealers near the top to charge my pods. She landed the Doom of Malantai near the middle of my side. Then she began to place her Mawlocs on my stuff. She put one on top of my Dreadnoughts, and scattered off the board for a mishap, we rolled a 4 which let me place the model, so I put it on top of her genestealers killing 6. The other she put on top of my thunderfire cannon but it scattered away into no mans land. Now she began to move the rest of her army apart breaking the tight huddle that she had kept round 1 to save her from my pods. She spread out heading for objectives and her Ravenors and stealers each charged pods. The 3 remaining genestealers wrecked my pod on the objective in the top right but the ravenors failed against the pod in the middle.
On my turn 2 I got all 3 Ironclads in from reserve. Also both my scouts and my rhino, so all my troops were in play. I landed all the Ironclads around her Hive Tyrant. And moved my Scouts in on that flank supported by the Rhino. Missile and melta fire from 2 Ironclads brought down the Hive Tyrant with ease. The other Ironclad used its dual flamers and missiles against the Tervigon and cause 3 wounds while also killing a hive guard in the cross fire. My thunderfire cannon killed off a Ravenor and wounded another. While my shooty Dreads opened up on the Zoanthropes and killed 2 of them. Storm bolter fire from pods reduced the genestealers to just one model.
Danielle moved quickly to recover on turn 3. She burrowed the Mawloc on the far right. She charged 2 large units of gaunts into my dual flamer Ironclad to lock it up, wounds and fearless saves lost her 8. She then charged a tervigon into an Ironclad and since it only had 3 wounds left it died to the 3 attack Ironclad. Her Ravenors sprinted forward and assaulted one of my shooty Dreads and failed to rend it at all and it did one wound winning combat, and since they were out of synapse range they fled and were swept away. Her remaining Zoanthope and Hive Guard both shot into my smoke covered Rhino but only managed to blow off its storm bolter. Her Tervigon behind my thunderfire cannon spawned gaunts which along with the Mawloc charged the thunderfire cannon killing it.

On my 3rd turn I got one of my speeders in. I moved it forward to flame the gargoyles which fled. I jumped my Storm forward and piled the scouts into combat with his gaunts and my Ironclad, forcing a bunch of extra saves killing off one unit and leaving the last unit with only a few bodies. On Ironclad charged and finished off the hive guard. The other flamer and melta'd the Zoanthrope doing nothing to it, but killing several gaunts. The men inside the Rhino also shot into the Zoanthrope doing nothing. My Shooty Dreadnoughts fired on the Mawloc taking 2 wounds. My drop pods finished off the last genestealer.
On Danielle's 4th turn her Mawloc tried to burrow onto my Ironclads on the left but scattered just clipping the Rhino but failed to hurt it. The Zoanthrope was equally ineffective. Her Tervigon spawned another big gaunt block and lost its ability. They spread out towards the objective on the right and sped toward the one in the middle. Her other Mawloc sprinted towards my shooty dread and charged it. It failed to do much of anything taking off one of the guns. My scouts and Dreadnought finished off the gaunts in the top left and consolidated back towards the action.
On turn 5 my scouts climbed back into their speeder. 2 of my Ironclads circled around her Mawloc on the left and charged it removing it quickly. The third charged the Zoanthrope finally killing it. My other Speeder came in from reserve and the two of them began burning down the gaunt masses on the right. My Venerable Dreadnought took 2 wounds off of the tervigon. The mawloc tried to hit and run out of combat but failed its roll.
The doom and Tervigon each tried charging seperate speeders but needing 6's neither hit. Danielle's gaunts continued to try and move towards objectives.

On my turn 5 the speeders shifted again and burned down more gaunts. The Ironclads reached the last Mawloc and freed the Shooty Dread from combat with it. I shot the tervigon some more doing another wound.
The game still had a 6th turn to be played, but Danielle asked that we call it then while she still had models alive. I scanned the score card quickly to see that I had max points and politely acceded to her request.
I had been much more worried heading into the contest because I had seen Danielle use a tyranofex before and the 2+ armor is harder for my missiles to drop and then that high strength gun could start to cause problems for my Dreadnoughts. But the Mawlocs proved far inferior to their Trygon cousins as well, with their low attacks and bad weapon skill they arent as big a threat. Also Danielle's dice just werent going well, scattering her Mawlocs everytime, and her Zoanthropes and Hiveguard not being much of a factor.

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