Monday, January 17, 2011

Conflict Gt Postgame

So I had a great time at conflict this past weekend. Ill get to battle reports on all my games this week. Had a few grudge matches against some players from past events along with a few games against some of the top recognized players out there. Went 4-1 on the weekend and finished up 4th overall, so was pretty happy with the result even as I wish I had held on in my one loss.

So here are some pictures of some armies from the event. Starting with mine.

This is Joe Johnson's beautiful Salamander army. He ended up winning best painted.

Lou Branco's Inyaden were stunning from across the room and also intricate up close. Got to play Lou during the event played him last year as well, and he is a great guy and a tough player. Didnt manage to kill any of his beautiful wraithguard in our match.
This is Ed Miller's gorgeous Salamanders. I know I know I only took pictures of the other pretty Salamander players, oh well I have a bias.

And this was Jorge Ruiz great looking Blood Templars. Jorge was the only player to earn 5 wins across the weekend.(Jorge something to think about for your next games... death company have Rage).

So Ill get to battle reports later today and all week.