Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Conflict 2011: Game 2

So game 2 of conflict saw me paired up with Lou Branco who beat me with his tyranid army at last years Conflict. And we drew the same mission we had last year... getting troop units into the opponents half of the board. A tough mission for my 5 scouts and 5 marines, but equally tough for Lou's foot based troops.

Lou's list was a very fun fluffy Inyaden army with some very tough units.
Farseer - doom, fortune, spear
10 WraithGuard - spiritseer
5 Wraithguard - spiritseer, waveserpent, scatter lasers
10 Storm guardians - 2 meltas, warlock, spear
10 Dire Avengers - exarch
3x Wraithlords - scatter lasers, missiles

So Lou won the roll to go first and told me I could go first. I deployed my shooty dreads and my speeders, and my thunderfire cannon. Lou then put everything of his into reserve.

On my turn I an empty pod on each side of the board, and one of the two Ironclads behind the green crystals.

On my second turn I rolled for reserves and got both my troop units and one other Ironclad. I landed him near his twin behind the rocks and sped both speeders up near them for cover. I brought my troops in on the far side of the board.

On Lou's second turn he had to bring in his dire avengers, and also got 2 of his Wraithlords. They managed to shake my speeders.
On my 3rd turn my other Ironclad failed to come in. I shifted my troops around on the far edges, and moved my shooting elements forward. My shooty dreads managed to take a wound from the left Wraithlord with simply autocannon fire. My thunderfire cannon reduced the Dire Avenger unit to 2 men, and they were pinned for attempting to go to ground. And in a show of luck one Ironclad fired its two missiles on the right most wraithlord and wounded it twice.

On Lou's 3rd turn he got his large scoring unit of Wraithguard in with their farseer attachment. Also Yriel came in riding with the small squad. They shuffled on and his wraithlords took shots, one stunned a speeder, while the other did nothing to an Ironclad.
On my 4th turn my last Ironclad continued to elude my reserve rolling. My shooty dreads got into position and between 1 and a speeder they finished off one wraithlord, while the other blew up the wave serpent. My Ironclads shuffled around in their firing corridor and the one with missiles remaining shot at the other wraithlord and managed to take off its last wound. The thunderfire cannon wasted what was left of the Dire Avengers. On the opposite flank my troops moved up towards the center line.

On Lou's 4th turn he got his storm guardians in along with his last wraithlord and set them up opposite my troops. They fired on the nearby speeders, immobilizing one and shaking the other. His wraithguard on the other side moved up as well.

On my 5th turn my last Ironclad came in and landed right next to his stormguardians. I lined up the shots on the wraithlord with 2 missiles and 2 heavy flamers and did 2 wounds to the beast, while also killing about half of the guardians. The thunderfire cannon finished the rest while my shooty dreads silenced this last wraithlord.
On the opposite side I moved my Ironclad up to simply stymie the movement of the wraithguard. I could have charged in to take a few with me, but worried about the spear on the warlock and farseer.
On Lou's 5th turn his wraithguard moved up in the center and Yriel blew up the speeder. While the large mob fired on the Ironclad wrecking it.
We rolled to see if the game would end and it did. I had 2 troops in his half of the board and his one remaining troop hadnt yet managed to cross the midline.
So I got my second win, and revenge for last year's defeat.

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