Friday, January 21, 2011

Conflict 2011: Game 5

So tumbling out of the top track after my loss heading in to the 5th and final game of the weekend. Chris Dubuque who some of you may know as Jawaballs points at me and says its you and me. Bring on some red marines for some much needed revenge from last game.

Game 5 was pitched battle, capture and control. In addition a 3rd objective would land in the middle of the table at the end of turn 3, and scatter 3d6. Then it would scatter again 2d6 at the end of 4 and 1d6 at the end of 5.

Chris's List:
Chaplain I think
Terminators in a Landraider
Preist in terminator armor
4 5 man assault squads in razorbacks - 2 had melta guns, 3 razors were las/plamsa, last had heavy bolter
3 Predators with auto cannon and lascannon

We rolled for turns and I chose to go first. I deployed my thunderfire cannon in cover near my objective. I also deployed both Shooty Dreads. Tournament had a rule that forests gave cover to anything regardless of true line of sight. So deployed one near thunderfire cannon and other behind forest of left. Chris decided to place his whole army in reserve.

On turn 1 I landed 2 empty pods and a pod with an Ironclad right on his objective. I ran the Ironclad back towards the woods, and moved the shooty dread on the left up to enter the woods.
On my turn 2 I got everything in from reserve... grumble. Landed Ironclads in forward positions and popped smoke on the left one and placed it in such a way to give cover to the other. Speeders all moved flat out, and shooty dread on the right moved forward and popped its own smoke. Rhino moved forward to wait for the random objective to land.
On Chris's turn 2 he got 3 razorbacks, 1 Predator and his Landraider in. He lined up and began shooting at speeders first, fearing their fast melta. He wrecked one, took the melta off the other, and a melta team of his got out to try and start clearing the pod forrest on his objective... but only took off its gun.
On my turn 3 I moved the Rhino further forward and popped smoke. Scout speeder moved flat out to once again threaten the landraider. The other speeder moved up and tried its heavy flamer on the razorback, to no effect. I managed to wreck both razorbacks on the left side with missile, auto, and assault cannon fire, and then the thunderfire began to scare Chris with its mass templates though it killed no marines this turn. But explosions and storm bolters claimed a few. My other shooting managed to stun and immobilize his razorback on the right side.
On Chris's 3rd turn he got another Predator and his last Razorback in. The razorback moved flat out and popped smoke hoping to weather fire and contest my base. His other shooting immobilized the shooty dread on that side and took off its assault cannon, and stunned my scout speeder. His marines managed to blow up a drop pod. The objective dropped in and gave a friendly scatter to the left.

On my turn 4 my speeder turned around and managed to stun the razorback with its heavy flamer. Shooting wrecked the other razorback. I jumped my scouts out of their stunned speeder and sent them to hide in cover near my home objective because I felt they were in assault range should the Landraider power forward and shoot down their ride. My Ironclad on the left popped smoke and moved forward to threaten his melta marines and the objective they were trying to clear. While the Rhino moved forward to chase that red circle marking the new objective.
On Chris's 4th turn he turned the landraider to head towards his home objective and the scattering one. Shooting knocked out my scout speeder but the Av 13 of the Ironclads bounced off even the newly arrived predators shots. His melta marines in blew up another objective... whose explosion claimed 1 of their dwindled number forcing a moral check which they failed and fled. He charged the other squad in hoping to tie up my Ironclad for a turn, before realizing they were his last troop anywhere near an objective. His marines on the right got out and charged my speeder, immobilizing and shaking it. The objective scattered further to the left.

On my turn 5 I moved again to secure the objective. My two melta Ironclads shot and then charged the Landraider exploding it. i shot down his last razorback and the thunderfire cannon helped thin their number down to just a melta gun and a regular guy.
On Chris's 5th Turn he charged his death squad into my Ironclad and even though he only had one thunder hammer he managed to immobilize it and take an arm off. His ranged elements tried to remove my scouts... but they went to ground and weathered the shooting. His melta marine hoping for redemption shot my dreadnought, but didnt finish it and so charged in for bravery. The objective scatter to the right this time, but stayed right near my rhino.
We rolled to see if the game would end and it did. Chris was a great opponent and when he found out we live nearby he told me we would be getting together for rematches and playtesting soon. He wants to start a Dreadnought army for Blood Angels and with the beautiful new models available I think its a perfect time.

So the Conflict came to a close. With 4 wins and a Loss I ended up 4th overall. Just shy of prizes, and best General went to someone else as well, though if the prizes had been allocated differently I might have gotten 1. Jorge who finished 2nd overall probably would have picked best general if given the choice since it was a bigger prize which would have pulled me into the 3rd place prize. But the tournament was great. and the opponents were better and Im excited for next year.

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