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January 22nd Brothers Grim 1850: Game 1

So this past weekend I went down for the usual Brother's Grim Tournament that is held at the store in Long Island every other month. Brother's Grim is probably my, and my friend's favorite place to travel and get a few good games in. Its about an hour and a half trip for us but its well worth it every 8 weeks they have great terrain, great players, and great atmosphere. Its not every store that has 35-45 person events that often. So Bob, Eric and I went down to defend our November sweep where we took home 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. But while that had been in a smaller than usual field missing some of their best players this was not to be. 40+ people were playing this weekend and things looked rough right from the get go.

I got paired up with Chris, and his blood angels... and like Jorge from Conflict I had beaten Chris pretty well in our last game a few months ago at Grim. So he knows what my army likes to do and we both worried about the good player matchup in round 1 hurting our chances in a 3 game event of rising to the top. What was worse was that the main mission was kill points... and to win the points you had to beat your opponent by 4, a tall tall order. Secondary objective was 3 objectives and tertiary was more units in opposing deployment zone.

My list was similar to my Conflict list:
Master of the Forge - combimelta
Tactical Squad (5 men) Rhino, combimelta
Scout Squad(5 men) combimelta, melta bomb
Ironclad - melta, heavy flamer, 2 hk missiles, drop pod
Ironclad - melta, heavy flamer, 2 hk missiles, drop pod
Ironclad - heavy flamer, heavy flamer, 2 hk missiles, drop pod
Dreadnought - assault cannon, TL auto cannon, drop pod
Venerable Dreadnought - assault cannon, TL auto cannon, drop pod
Thunderfire cannon - drop pod
Land Speeder - multimelta, heavy flamer
Land Speeder - mulitmelta, heavy flamer
Land Speeder Storm - multimelta

Chris's List: Blood Angels
Librarian - shield, fear the darkness
Assualt Squad - melta, infernus, rhino
Assualt Squad - melta, infernus, rhino
Assualt Squad - melta, infernus, rhino
Assault Squad - flamer, hand flamer, razorback - assault cannon
Assault Squad - flamer, hand flamer, razorback - assault cannon
Honor Guard - jump packs, powerfist, 2 power weapons, 2 meltas
Baal Pred
Baal Pred
Predator - auto cannon, las cannon sponsons
Predator - auto cannon, las cannon sponsons
Predator - auto cannon, las cannon sponsons

I won the roll to go first and deployed one dreadnought in cover on the left. On the right I deployed my venerable Dreadnought, thunderfire cannon, and 2 speeders, in or behind 3+ reinforced terrain. Chris then deployed most of his army in the right corner. And his 2 razorbacks seperated, one in the middle of the table and the other behind the rocks on the far left. He outflanked his Baal's and had Dante deployed to deepstrike with the honor guard.
On my turn 1 I chose to land 2 Ironclad right in his face and hope that heavy flamers on armor 11 would net me a bunch of stunned or shakkens and the Ironclads could simply romp through the next turn. I put one Ironclad against his razorback in the middle. I sped one speeder forward full tilt, and the other only 12", and moved my Venerable up.

Shooting did not go too well. Even with a ton of flamer hits... I didnt roll a single 6 to glance even with the re-roll from Vulkan. I stunned 1 Predator and took both lascannons off another, and that was it. The Ironclad in the middle managed to wreck the razorback, but the thunderfire cannon was not able to wound the marines.
Chris's first round shooting went a lot better. After some careful moving around to try and protect his tanks in case of bad shooting he managed to take an arm off one Ironclad, and blow up the other in his face. His long range razorback used its assault cannon to wreck my Ironclad in the middle of the field. He also shook one speeder.
On my turn 2 my Rhino arrived as did my scouts. Once again outflank got me in on the wrong side. I also landed 2 empty pods on top of an objective to contest it. I moved forward with what I had left and began shooting. The scout speeder immobilized the razorback. My other speeder jumped forward to shoot a predator but couldnt roll high enough to pen it. My Flamer Ironclad used its one good arm to catch some marines in a cross fire while aiming at the stunned predator, and after a few casualties they fled. The thunderfire cannon opened up long range and killed the sergeant of the squad hiding near the immobilized razorback. In the assault phase my Ironclad ripped apart the Predator tank. I charged my scouts into the marines, and with careful placement due to the long nature of their assault also combi-charged the razorback and managed to cover up all its exits keeping the second squad trapped inside. He rolled horrible for his marine attacks and after a few armor saves killed no scouts, now the 3 scouts attacking the marines needed only to cause 1 wound to cause a -3 ld check to the sergeant less squad(special rules for assaulting out of storm) and when I wounded chris 4-5 times I was hopeful, but he passed all the armor saves so they got stuck in. I forgot to use the 2 scouts against the razorback.
On Chris's turn 2 some of my bad dice started to turn a little bit around. Reserves saw only one of his Baal's arrive. He moved his vehicle walls around, and got guys out of Rhinos for shots, but ended up giving my remaining Ironclad cover, and when the squad in front of it failed to do anything meaningful he abandoned most of his other plans and fired everything at its rear, but it passed a bunch of cover saves to stay safe. The marines shook the nearby speeder in combat. His Razorback on the left immobilized and blew off the gun of my Storm.
The Scouts again proved tough in combat passing a few armor saves and taking the gun off of the Razorback, but failing to wound any marines again.
On my 3rd Turn I moved several things forward. The shaken speeder fled out of the kill box, while the other speeder flew to the left to finish off the razorback, but failed to do it, as did the Dreadnought on that side. My venerable Dreadnought on the right shot and immobilized the Baal and then wrecked it in assault. The Ironclad that remained charged the Librarian and Assault Squad, killed the Librarian and the marines fled a measly 2 inches, the Ironclad which had popped smoke in its movement phase then consolidated back between the pods. Scouts finally lost combat but held.

On Chris's 3rd Turn Dante came in. He planted him right near my venerable Dreadnought and he and the honor guard opened up with melta. He managed to wreck me, but I smiled and asked him to reroll the result and got merely immobilized, go venerable rule. A remaining infernus pistol sergeant jumped into a rhino for extra movement and managed to kill my smoked Ironclad... grrr. And his fleeing squad stayed on the table by 1 inch. He then fired on my previously shaken speeder to make sure I wouldnt have anything to get close to his guys and make them flee again next turn. He finally killed off the scouts and consolidated toward my immobilized Storm behind the rocks.
Now we were starting to run short on time and began to rush. On my turn 4 I moved Vulkan and the team up in their Rhino and jumped out to pepper the Honor guard and Dante. Shooting from their 2 melta's plasma, bolters, heavy flamer, and the Venerable's guns downed all but the priest and Dante, who only had 1 wound left. On the left side the Speeder moved up to flame and melta the Razorback as well as catch a few of the squad that had finished off the scouts. Blew up the transport and pinned the guys inside as well as reducing the other assault Squad to 1 guy. The shooty Dread on that side also killed off a few marines from the pinned squad. In my one hope I shot the thunderfire cannon at the fleeing squad and caused just enough wounds to force them to auto flee again right off the board.

On Chris's 4th turn his last Baal turned up in the bottom right corner and along with most of his other Predators shot at Vulkan's squad. A few cover and armor saves later and the master of the forge was wounded and I lost 2 marines. Dante and the Priest wanted nothing to do with the forgefather Vulkan and flew away. He moved a Rhino wall up with his one sergeant loaded up to hide on an objective. His remaining mobile assault marine assaulted my immobile storm and wrecked it.

On my 5th turn I put my 3 remaining marines back in their Rhino and pushed to contest his objective. My speeder killed his solo marine, while the Shooty Dreadnought and thunderfire cannon finished off the squad in the crater on the left. The venerable did not much of anything. While Vulkan and the master of the forge moved down and assaulted the Baal wrecking it.

On Chris's 5th turn he tried to mop up some extra kill points. He rammed the thunderfire cannon with a Rhino but didnt do anything. Then shot at it but it passed its 3+ cover save. Then shot at some pods but didnt clear them. Dante used his infernus pistol to wreck the Rhino but I was able to deploy out the opposite doors and still contest the objective and he rolled poorly on the difficult terrain test to assault them.
Time had run out so we totaled the scores. I think I ended up actually being ahead in killpoints by 1 or so, but needing a 4 pt win to get the points we drew on that objective. Neither one of us had objectives over the other, but I ended up with more bonus points and the tertiary objective for having more units in the opposing deployment zone. It was a really tight game right to the end and mostly a draw, which we felt took us both out of the running for a good finish. Oh well at least we would get 2 more games to vent frustration on. Chris did well the rest of the day, massacring his next two opponents. He is a very good player.

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