Sunday, February 26, 2012

February 25th Grim Tournament: Game 1

Went to an 1850pt Tournament this past weekend. Was looking to test out my ever changing Kabal for Adepticon. Here is what I went with after the drop:

Archon: hukblade, combat drugs, clone field, phantasm grenade launcher, webway portal - 185

Drahzar - 230

8 incubi - 176

7 Harlequins - shadowseer, death jester, 6 kisses, 2 fusion pistols - 210

10 Bloodbrides - haywire grenades, 3 shardnets, Syren with agonizer - 210

5 Wyches - haywire grenades - 60

5 Wyches - haywire grenades - 60

15 Wyches - 3 shardnets, Hekatrix with agonizer and phantasm grenade launcher - 220

5 Beast Masters - 8 Razorwing flocks, 4 Kymerra - 228

6 Reavers - 2 heatlances - 156

Talos - chain flails, twin linked haywire blaster - 115

My first game opponent was Maurice and his Grey Knights:

Mordrak and 5 Ghost Knights

Librarian: shrouding, warp rift, sanctuary, some servo skulls

10 Terminators - mix of stuff, 2 psycannons, psybolt ammo

10 Terminators - mix of stuff, 2 psycannons, psybolt ammo

Dreadnought - 2 twin linked auto cannons, psybolt ammo

Dreadnought - 2 twin linked auto cannons, psybolt ammo

Game 1 was spearhead deployment. Primary mission was holding the center of the table. You scored a point for every full turn you had a troop within 6" of the center with no contesting enemies. Secondary mission was beating your opponent by 300 victory points. Tertiary was having something in their deployment zone. Bonus points for keeping your most expensive Hq unit alive, for keeping the enemy out of your zone and for killing all of someones troops.

Maurice let me go first and I deployed the harlequins and Archon. He in turn deployed his 2 Dreadnoughts, with everything else deepstriking.
Turn 1 I moved forward and dropped the portal.
Maurice had to drop in his Mordrak's unit turn 1. He put them in range to contest the center. With their shooting they managed to kill quite a few of the harlequins.
Turn 2 the pain began. I got the Incubi with Drahzar, the Bloodbrides, the large wych unit, the Talos, and one small unit of wyches in. The Talos shot at a dreadnought and took off one arm. The small wych squad slid into cover hanging near the objective. The Archon moved forward and joined the Incubi who along with the Bloodbrides and Wyches all charged the Knights. The Librarian tried to cast Sanctuary and double 6's failed. Then he died along with all the Ghost Knights.
Mordrak was left with one wound and promptly fled... strangely I didnt catch him. I lost about half of the Incubi but nothing else in this exchange. The Bloodbrides were awarded the painpoint for the Librarian after the random roll.
On his turn 2 Maurice got one of his terminator units in. He combat squaded them and dropped half near the ruins at midfield on the left... he tried to get them a little closer but they scattered back. The others he tried to drop near his fleeing unit but they scattered back almost off the table.

He then began shooting at my bloodbride squad being as they were still within 6" of Mordrak and the Ghost Knight he had resurrected. But I went to ground and between that and feel no pain I took only one casualty.
On turn 3 I got my beast unit and other 5 woman wych unit in. The wyches went into the other cover near the objective. The beasts came in off the board edge to press the middle in case he started to land his other terminators near the center.

I moved everyone else forward... but substandard fleet rolls kept me basically sitting pat.

Maurice got his other terminator unit in turn 3. Half went right next to the left most unit. The other 5 went in the top right of the board.

Shooting saw all the incubi and the Archon die. Drahzar was left with 1 wound. He shot at a 5 man wych unit but I went to ground and lost only a few and passed leadership. The blood brides took a loss or 2 but didnt go to ground this turn. The 15 man unit lost about half, but stuck around.
Turn 4 I got the bikes in at last. I boosted them over the top of the board actually killing 2 terminators with fly bys, and set them down within 6" of Mordrak to keep him running.

Beasts moved forward and charged a terminator unit killing only a few but passing good invuls. Bloodbrides charged into the 3 terminators at the top and didnt do spectacularly. A side note here I had the reroll to wound drug and with about 15 or so agonizer attacks I had yet to wound anything.... grumble. Drahzar went into hide mode at this point to keep his bonus point alive. regular wyches slid back to the middle to defend my borders in case the unit at the top were to come and enter my zone.
Maurice poured his other 5 terminators into the fight with the beasts. Dice went wild here and the beasts cleaned up most of the terminators. The other terminators at the top actually moved back towards the blood brides... which was a relief. The bloodbrides finished the terminators they were involved with gaining their second pain point. Mordrak finally ran off the board.
Turn 5 and 6 were nearly identical. Talos moved shot and assaulted a dreadnought... rinse repeat. Turn 5 Bloodbrides charge last terminator unit do a little stay in combat, turn 6 regular wyches join into combat finishing things.
So game over, got all the possible points.

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  1. Well done! Looking forward to reading the next two! Pain for the Pain God!