Monday, February 13, 2012

The next direction for the Kabal

Whats that mess on the table?
New jetbikes for my Dark Eldar!
So after Templecon I began thinking of what kinds of changes I would like to make in my 2000pt list. Not that I was unhappy with how my list performed, but rather I saw areas where I felt it could be even better.

So I am building some bikes. Got this box after a small local tournament, I have some of the old school ones in the closet, but Ill probably pick up another box of the new ones because they look so much better. So a 6-3 mix between the two styles.

And to that end here is the list I want to test out. Probably wont see too much action until our local club's tournament in early march, but perhaps I can sneak a few games in before then.

Archon: huskblade, soul trap, ghost plate armor, combat drugs, clone field, webway portal - 205

Drahzar - 230

10 Incubi - 220

7 Harlequins: shadow seer, death jester, 2 fusion pistols, 3 kisses - 198

15 Wyches: haywire grenades, 3 shadnets, Hexatrix with agonizer - 240

15 Wyches: haywire grenades, 3 shadnets, Hexatrix with agonizer - 240

9 Reaver Jetbikes: 2 heat lances, blaster, 3 cluster caltrops, champion with venom blade - 312

5 Beast Masters: 8 Razorwing flocks, 5 Kymerra - 240

Talos: chain flails, haywire blaster - 115

1 comment:

  1. Yeah! Welcome to the Reaver bandwagon!

    Now you'll get to field fun questions like, "Wow, those things are really good...why doesn't anybody use those?"

    I'm looking forward to some Reaver Jousting with you :P