Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Templecon 2012: Game 3

Shhh... there be orks about.
For game 3 I stayed right where I had been on table one. This time my opponent was Wyat Traina and his orks.


Warboss on Bike - claw attack squig maybe some other stuff

30 Boys - power klaw

30 Boys - power klaw

30 boys - power klaw

14 Lootas

15 Grots

8 Kommandos - Snikrot

3 Big Gunz

3 Big guns

11 Biker Boys - klaw

The primary mission in game 3 was objectives. We had 4. But you scored a point at the end of your opponents turn starting on turn 2, whoever had the most total points at the end of the game won this mission. The secondary was getting more units into your opponents deployment zone than they had in yours. Tertiary was kill point differential. Deployment was pitched battle.

Pitched battle is my least favorite deployment with this army. With spearhead being my favorite and dawn of war being ok. I was given first turn and deployed my harlequins and Archon.

Wyat deployed everything but the Komandos.

On turn 1 I moved up and dropped the obligatory portal.

Wyat then moved forward trying to get into range of some of the objectives while also skirting around the charge ranges of my units.
On turn 2 I got a beast pack, Talos, wych unit, warrior unit, and the Incubi in. I sent the Talos off to the left. The wyches I was wishy washy with and sent them middle right. The warriors ran into cover and got into range of an objective. The Incubi and beasts ran straight forward towards the nearest boys unit that also happened to have Ghazzgkul in it. The Archon joined the INcubi and the Harlequins also moved forward towards the boys.

I assaulted the boys with all three units. The Incubi had managed a 5 inch fleet and still needed every inch of their 6 inch roll for move through the terrain. Their move blocked the path perfectly for the beasts to reach without having to go through the terrain. And the harlequins made it easily since they ignore terrain. I killed all but 3 models in the unit, and Wyat chose to pop Ghazz's waagh to keep from fleeing. The archon/Incubi/Drahzar and the beasts remained stuck in with the wounded Ghazgul, while the harlequins consolidated to contest the objective on the right denying Wyat a chance at scoring first.

Swift reckoning would come on Wyat's turn 2. His kommandos showed up behind my lines and even with the 6 inch fleet from the waagh fell just short of assaulting the warriors meaning after some unsuccessful shooting that I would score the games first objective. A second boys mob moved forward and assaulted the harlequins wiping them out easily and consolidating around the objective. The warbikers moved up and assaulted the beasts. Drahzar was able to jump onto them and do some wounds, but other than that the combat went his way decisively. The Incubi were almost all wiped out and the beasts fled combat and were destroyed. But since Drahzar makes his unit of Incubi fearless they stayed in the combat.
On turn 3 I got zero of my remaining reserves in. This through me into a bit of a feeling of desperation. I move my wyches down to easily assault and kill of his kommandos. The Archon soul trapped Ghazgul doubling her strength, while Drahzar killed off a few bikes. But the remaining Incubi were swept away in a tied combat. I had made the mistake here of moving my Talos back because I felt it was in danger when it should have been moving forward to threaten, I had moved it back because I felt it was unsupported by my bad reserve rolling that turn. Wyat would score one objective this turn tying the score.
On Wyat's turn 3 that big boys mob moved in on my two assassins. While the rest of his army shot at my scoring wyches, who went to ground and absorbed the losses allowing me to score another point: 2-1. The boys charged and I jumped Drahzar onto the bikers doing several wounds, while I attempted to split my attacks from the archon between the warboss and bikes... doing only 1 wound to the bikes even with my new found str 6. The Archon herself was cut down but since I had killed 3 bikes and wounded their nob I won combat. The bikes passed leadership with the warboss and a boy died from the mob... Drahzar was now all alone.
On turn 4 I got my other Talos and wych squads in. The Talos I sent up to threaten... also sending his brother as well. The wyches I spaced out from both objectives on my side to attempt to both get cover and score both. Then it was combat time. Drahzar jumped onto the nob biker and killed him... winning combat by 1, a boy died and the warboss passed leadership. Wyatt scored 2 points this turn taking a 3-2 lead.
Wyat shot and killed a talos with ease. His other shooting was unable to shake my scoring troops letting me score 2 points swinging the lead back to me 4-3. Drahzar continued to move in combat this turn onto the boys and though the nob was able to wound him twice the combat was tied once more. His shifting had taken a combat that had started near that central building all the way into Wyat's deployment zone. This would give me the secondary objective. We had run out of time, 2 hordy armies in combat from turn 2 will do that, and my other beast unit never even got a chance to come in. Score would be 15-5 in my favor from this game.
Drahzar is an interestingly infuriating character to deal with. The more chaf you throw at him the more places he can hide, especially after the other Incubi have fallen. Wyat regretted throwing that boys squad in after the game, but had he not the Archon may have simply killed the warboss with her huskblade and Drahzar and her may have been free to walk around his backfield anyway tearing through his gun teams and lootas.

Often the best way to remove Drahzar is to send in a single model that can kill him, be it monster or character. But this is difficult when he is surrounded by several Incubi and the Archon. Better yet a blood talon dreadnought is the best way to kill him, though not many armies have access to those.

I myself try to multi assault as much as possible with the Incubi because it ultimately doesnt matter if they die or lose combat because they are fearless and Drahzar will then have plenty of playthings to entertain himself with.

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  1. Great job with the charges on turn 2...you've got a great eye for those kinds of opportunities!