Sunday, February 12, 2012

Templecon 2012: Game 5

Game 5 I was playing Ben Mohile. Mission was to get 2 scoring units you had to choose before hand into your opponents deployment zone.

Ben's list can be found online Im sure. it had 2 command barges, 3 min units of scarabs, 3 units of spyders, and 4 units of immortals.

Ben spawned scarabs turn 1, and used one unit of 6 to get a first turn charge on my archon hoping to delay my ability to deploy the portal. Well suffice it to say that a +1 str archon with a huskblade laughs off that few scarabs.

Turn 1 I moved up with the bonus of a 5" consolidate after that aforementioned combat... and I placed the portal.... oh wait thats what I should have done.
I chose to charge some spyders instead for sport.
Basically the rest of the game came to just us playing for fun. I still pressed him as best I could and had some slim chances of drawing late but they dwindled as they should have.
Unmolested Ben did manage to spawn enough scarabs to exauhst the supply he had brought with him. And then in a late combat I broke his previous combat resolution record. I won a combat against scarabs by 38.

However I felt badly that I had given such a good player a lame duck game. To this day I can not say why I didnt put the portal out. As you can see in every other battle report involving this army turn 1 is pretty much a no thought process of moving up and placing that little 3" template, there is really no other choice turn 1 other than losing.

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