Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February 25th Grim Tournament: Game 3

The last game was against a buddy Jeff and his test list for the Colonial in March.



10 Paladins

10 Paladins

Mission was a bit wacky. Primary was 8 objectives.... yep 8 except for 2 the rest would randomly disappear at the start of turn 4, staying only on a 5+. Secondary was to pick one unit in your army and your opponent had to kill it. Tertiary was something, maybe I should write these down more often.
This report is gona be short. Jeff and I didnt do much. You can see his two paladin groups here. Well the one on the right is near his objective that wont disappear. And they had some problems. For one the mission was down of war... so when Karsimov came off the edge turn 1 and joined them they had to stay still. Then they started rolling really terrible terrain rolls for the next 5 turns and made it only about 14 inches from where they started when the game ended.
The other unit I killed. Slowly painfully. Sending nearly my entire army to die against it. I had poor rolls when the beasts and harlequins hit it and did no wounds..... then the next turn I had the duo I wanted with the Incubi and the bloodbrides... but the Brides rolled too low on fleet to make it and so the Incubi died, well except for Drahzar. Drahzar jumped around in there and with the Archons help for one turn eventually killed them all. A few remnants of a wych squad and an inspired turn from the Talos helped along.
Draigo smash.
But when the dust settled I had 2 objectives and he had only one. This was helped in large part because out of the 6 "disappearing" objectives the only one that stayed was deep in my territory. I had lost everything but my 2 5 man wych teams but managed to win primary, draw secondary(I killed the correct 10 man blob, he killed Drahzar), and tie whatever the tertiary was.... oh right it was holding your own objective(the one that wouldnt disappear).

So it was a fun event overall. I had to kill a lot of terminators between the two grey knight lists I played. I got a good feeling from this 1850 list, so Im pretty set on taking it to Adepticon. I also came in second... by one measly point... should have picked someone other then Drahzar as that target in the last game.... he used to die never... died in two straight games here.

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