Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Templecon 2012: Game 1

So game 1 of Templecon arrived bright and early Saturday morning. After saying hello to the people I knew I moved to check the pairings. I groaned when I saw my first round matchup would be Nick Nanavanti. Nick is a great player who I have had the pleasure of playing before, he groaned at having to play me as well, apparently he had gotten very little sleep the night before and hadn't expected to see myself or any other good players at the venue.

Anyway Nick was playing his Tyranid list:

Tyrant Guard

10 Gaunts
10 Gaunts
6 GeneStealers
6 GeneStealers

8 Ymgarls
2 HIve Guard
2 Hive Guard


Game 1 mission was Spearhead Deployment. The main objective was capturing table quarters, secondary objective was kinda like capture and control only the objectives were placed in the corner opposite from the one you started in. Tertiary objective was victory point margin.

I got to go first and deployed my Harlequins and Archon, and put everything else in reserve.

Nick deployed his monsters in an arc as close as possible. Swarmlord near the center flanked by tervigons and trygons with hiveguard as well. Gaunts out in front. He outflanked the stealers and of course special deployed the Ymgarls.
On turn 1 I moved up and dropped my portal... pretty much all I ever do on turn 1.

Nicked moved his gaunts to form a wall in front of his monsters, and tried to shoot with his hiveguard. He gave both gaunt squads feel no pain.
On my turn 2 I got both Wych squads, both Taloses, a beast squad, and my INcubi/Drahzar in from reserve. I joined the Archon to one squad of wyches and both squads charged the gaunt wall. Was able to multi assault into a hive guard squad with the Archons group. Needless to say even with feel no pain I killed the small screens.

Nick got the Ymgarls in as well as one genestealer squad. THe stealers came in on the far left while the ymgarls deployed out of the big building in the screen. He spawned gaunts and advanced shooting at wyches. THe left squad fled, while the other squad took the hits and stood strong. It got Paroxisized by the Swarmlord and charged by a Trygon, Swarmlord and the Ymgarls, who also mulit charged into the INcubi. All but 2 of the remaining Wyches would die, I would also lose 2 INcubi. But Drazhar and the Incubi would take a large toll on the Ymgarls.
On turn 3 none of my remaining reserves arrived. I multi charged 2 trygons and a unit of 10 gaunts with my Harlequins and a Beast pack. The Harlequins only did a wound or 2 on the charge, after doing 2 with shooting, the beasts wiped off the termagaunts and hurt the other Trygon, the combat ended in a tie. In the other combat the last 2 wyches died, but so did the Ymgarls with the addition of the Talos and the exploits of the incubi.
On Nicks turn 3 his other stealers came in on the left again. He joined the earlier squad into the assault on the harlequins wiping them out, add in the good work of the Trygon and the beasts all died, though they took one of the 2 Trygons with them. In the other assault a tervigon joined the fight putting himself on Drahzar. Drahzar jumped off onto the Tyrant guard taking the shocked monster out of the fight. My Archon rolled for 2 clones from his field and then made a tough choice, either attack the swarmlord or the Trygon, believing that the lower Ws of the Trygon gave me more chances for hits I chose the Trygon. I rolled 4 hits and got the magic 6 to instant kill it with my huskblade. The Swarmlord then swung at my Archon and with 5 attacks only landed 2 hits... easily canceled with my clones and Nick's heart fell. Drahzar and the incubi, along with the Talos did 4 wounds combined to the Tyrand guard and Swarmlord leaving him in a combat that he had lost by 8. He died but the tervigon remained to tie me up.

On Turn 4 I got my last beast pack in. They jumped onto a large multi assault into 11 termagaunts, the genestealers, and the last Trygon. While my other Talos jumped the last tervigon. My archon now sporting str 8 after soul trapping the Trygon(I had the +1 str drug) calmly soul trapped the other tervigon. The beasts used a big combat resolution to kill off the bugs. All the combats cleared other than the Talos solo fighting the tervigon.
On Nicks turn his Hive Guard gained revenge for his army and killed my Archon. The Talos hadnt quite finished off the tervigon but it would only take one more turn.
On turn 5 we simply called the game as it was clear with my warriors moving on the objective and plenty of combat power left to finish off his hive guard and tervigon that it was all over. Nick got to go get some much needed sleep.

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