Thursday, February 9, 2012

Templecon 2012: Game 4

So day two dawned bright and early. Found myself sitting still in second by a few scarce points over the third place person. And on table 1 with me was my friend Alex and his pink necrons.

Alex's list:

Overlord: mindshackle scarabs, semiperternal weave, warscythe
Command Barge

Overlord: phaeron, weave, mindshackle, warscythe, res orb

Court: storm cryptic with lightning field and voltic staff, despair cryptek with veil of darkness and nightmare shroud

Court: Destruction Cryptek with lance and solar pulse, lord with scythe and mindshackle scarrabs

15 Warriors
5 Warriors
9 warriors in Ghost Ark
8 Immortals with tesla

6 Wraiths with 3 whips and one pistol
6 Scarabs

2 Spyders one gloom prisim
2 Spyders one gloom prism

Main mission was capture and control. Secondary was to get an Hq within 5 inches of your opponents objective. Tertiary was victory points. The deployment was spearhead. Alex passed me first turn.

I deployed my harlequins and Archon. Also my Taloses. I deployed the monsters in case he decided to deep strike the monolith onto my objective.

Alex deployed everything other then his 5 man warrior unit.
Turn 1 I moved up and dropped the portal. I ran the monsters up into the building to start to threaten his zone.
Turn 1 Alex moved his wraiths forward and charged both taloses tying them up in combat.
On my turn 2 I got every last one of my reserves in. I sent both wyches to charge the monolith and they soft killed it with 1 pen immobilized and 7 glancing weapon destroyed. A beast unit charged his command barge and did nothing. I also jumped my Incubi/Drahzar and the Archon along with a unit of beasts into the wraith combat hoping to sweep them aside and move en masse towards his line... the wraiths proved too tough to simply brush aside however.
Alex jumped his immortal squad over behind the building on the right on turn 3. They shot at a wych unit killing several and forcing it to fall back. He poured the ever increasing scarab swarm into combat with my beasts and monsters. He also shot my other beast squad down to dangerously small levels but they passed their leadership 5 test. I killed off the rest of the wraiths in combat but the scarabs killed many many beasts... I lost combat by 7 which took out one of my taloses.
Turn 4 my fleeing wyches rallied and ran towards the immortals. The harlequins moved through the building towards them as well. Sadly the wyches would be an inch or 2 short of assaulting with a bad move through cover roll, and the harlequins whiffed, 1 wound when they average a lot more and lost combat by 1 and fled.... sad face. The other wyches rolled a 1 on their run and were stuck around the edge of the monolith probably needing at least a 3-4 to get the assault on his large warrior squad... the beasts were stuck assaulting alone and died horribly. The Talos and Incubi slaughtered their way through the rest of the scarabs and consolidated.

On alex's turn 4 he used his veil to move the immortals again right onto my objective. He shot my wych squad around the monolith and broke them. His immortals killed off my warriors. His barge moved in range of my harlequins to keep them running.
We jumped into a quick turn 5. My talos moved and slaughtered his immortals. And Drahzar, the archon and the last 3 Incubi moved towards his objective. He had moved his warriors back behind it with 2 squads of spyders in front of it. I assaulted both groups worried about killing off one too easily and being shot... however I botched this decision badly and consolidations took me away from contesting.... so I lost. We tied the secondary. Had I simply assaulted the one group, or assaulted with my heavy hitters: Archon/Drahzar on the further unit I would have had a very solid shot at a draw. With feel no pain and 3 Incubi + Drahzar and the Archon his shooting would have had a hard time at moving me, and in assault his units just would not have been able to move me in my opinion.

It was a great game. Wraiths are really solid and hard to move. I think if I had simply added the beasts to that initial assault and sent the Incubi to move towards his line at the start I would have been a much better position. Drahzar is really hard for Necrons to deal with easily, he cant even be tied up by scarabs as he can use his strength 6 to cut through bases by the handful, and the archon who usually accompanies him can also instant kill them with her huskblade.

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