Monday, February 20, 2012

Local Event this past weekend: 1250pts

So I drove down to Stratford Ct, to the Gaming Etc for their 1250pt tournament this past saturday.

I brought this list:

Archon - huskblade, combat drugs, clone field, webway portal - 160

5 Wyches - haywire grenades - 60

5 Wyches - haywire grenades - 60

5 Wyches - haywire grenades - 60

7 Harlequins - shadowseer, death jester, 2 fusion pistols, 4 kisses - 202

5 Beast Masters - 8 Razorwing flocks, 5 Kymerra - 240

3 Beast Masters - 3 clawed fiends - 156

9 Reaver Jetbikes - 2 heat lances, 1 blaster, 3 cluster caltrops, leader with venom blade - 312

My goal for the event was to test out the Deathjester, and the clawed fiend unit as well as the large jetbike squad.

I played 3 games, against Chaos, Grey Knights and Necrons.

In the game against Chaos I flew over a demon prince with the bikes and did 2 wounds... and then they lost combat over several turns to 5 marines.... epic fail. The Clawed fiends charged that wounded demon prince and finished him off over 2 turns. THen they multicharged a bit too much and failed epically and fled, so mixed review.

I still managed to win that game with 6 kill points to 4 largely based on the power of the larger beast pack that ate through a khorne beserker squad, a Demon Prince and an Obliterator. The Harlequins also did fairly well both denying kill points and contributing a bit of firepower.

In the Grey Knight game the Bikes shot and killed a Dreadnought and then did well moving about and immobilizing another tank. The Clawed fiends were largely useless in this game. The Harlequins were again nice, sitting midfield and applying pressure. And then when his landraider moved too close they wrecked it with melta pistols and charged a small paladin squad and did enough wounds to win combat slightly.

In Game 3 against the Necrons the Bikes again shot down a vehicle early. The Clawed fiends werent even able to get on the field before the game was over.

So overall in the testing the Clawed fiends will get dropped easily. The bikes were usually effective best as a 2 melta lance unit. While the extra bodies are useful for taking hits I think Ill try them simply as a small 6 man dual lance unit, as my friend Bob usually does.

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  1. I keep waffling on the bike unit size.

    If you're going with just one unit, then I think 9 isn't a horrible number. They're fighty enough to not suck horribly in melee, and have a fair number of shots (I'd rather have the 3 HL than the Blaster still...stupid Stormravens can blow me).

    But I still think for the same points I like 2x 6 with 2 HL. That's if you're willing to give up 2 Fast slots, and those beasts are damned sexy.