Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Templecon 2012: Game 2

So game 2 came and I was on table one. And surprise surprise so were Grey Knights. Now the tournament scene is all grumble grumble about the knights, but my Dark Eldar tend to like seeing them across the table. Talos's eat Dreadnoughts with no combat arms, I have a lot of cheap invulnerable saves in close combat, Drahzar and the Archon are I7 so go before Halberds. Lots of little things that tend to go in my favor. Now the fight is still tough because the Grey knight units are so strong, but Id rather play them then things like daemons or even orks.

Now on to the game. I was matched up with Cory who I have to say got my favorite opponent vote from the weekend. He had a great attitude and we had an awesomely fun game.

His list was very eclectic and still very solid, something I really like about the Grey Knight codex, you can mix in a lot of stuff and be solid.

Librarian - might of titan, warp rift, the shrouding , sanctuary, warding stave, dark excomunication - 210

5 Strikes - psycannon, hammer, psyammo
5 Strikes - psycannon, hammer, psyammo
5 Terminators - psycannon, hammer, psy ammo

6 Purifiers - incinerator, psycannon, 3 halberds, psyammo, hammer

Vindicare Assassin

Land Raider Crusader - multimelta, psyammo

Dreadnought - 2 tl auto cannons
Dreadnought - 2 tl auto cannons

Game 2 was perhaps my favorite mission type of the tournament. The main objective was objectives, each player set up 3 on their side of the board and you had to claim the ones on the opposing players side. The secondary objective was to mark an opponents unit for death and you achieved the points if you killed it. Tertiary was victory points again. The deployment type was dawn of war.

For the secondary objective I picked Cory's terminators and he picked my 5 man warrior squad.

I was going first again in this game. I deployed a wych squad with the Archon at midfield. Cory set his whole army to walk in on turn 1. The objectives are little blue stones, they were spaced pretty evenly across the table.

On turn 1 I moved forward and dropped the portal, as usual.

Cory moved his whole army in on the far left corner. I think he was scared of getting too close to the portal, and wanted to stick together for support. Its hard to see but his assassin was on foot in the middle of the building.
On turn 2 I got both Taloses in, along with a beast squad, my other wych squad and the Incubi. I moved them all towards his lines, joining the Archon to the Incubi. I let the beasts charge the assassin figuring it was nice and easy to get him out of the way early.
Cory got out all of his models to start shooting the beasts. He worked them down to a low number and then assaulted them with purifiers finishing them off. The dreadnoughts unloaded on my taloses, 4 wounds... 3 1's, one gone.
On turn 3 I got my other beast unit in. I put them in on the board edge on the left. This threw Cory for a loop. He had totally forgotten that I could come in on the edge as well and was now worried about getting boxed in. I stretched one wych squad from the portal to off screen to the right touching two objectives. I slid the Incubi up near the building hiding out of los behind the walls.
My other Wych squad moved up to charge the strikes behind their Rhino. The Talos charged into the Rhino itself and was ineffective.
The wyches were more successful.
Cory countered the wyches by charging with his terminators. However I was able to get 3 shardnets onto Draigo cutting him to 1 attack. He also made the mistake of multi charging into the Talos as well which led to the deaths of several terminators.

On my turn 4 I got my harlequins and warriors in. I put the warriors in the far corner away from all the action denying Cory his chance at that mission. My beasts moved ever forward. And my INcubi jumped into the terminators. The terminators and librarian were finished but Draigo soldiered on.
Cory slid back with his landraider and jumped his remaining strike squad into it. His purifiers jumped in a rhino and strove to get near my other wych squad and force them off their objectives. Either this turn or the next they succeeded in breaking them. Cory however was unable to break the beasts even after repeated tank shocks.
The harlequins eventually reached the landraider and broke it with their melta pistols. THe beasts charged the remaining purifiers. Draigo eventually died on turn 6. We rolled to see if the game would go on. All he had left were rhinos and dreadnoughts and 5 strike marines. But if the game ended it would be a draw. But it went on and I was able to immobilize the rhinos and kill the marines getting the win.

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